Tuesday, September 23, 2014



Liverpool stumbled in London on a very fascinating game against West Ham. West Ham faced Liverpool with a 2-2 draw against the Tigers (Hull City) in their memories. Sam Allardyce's side knew how important was to win the match with Liverpool. Reid played very well and he brought wonderful balls in the box for Valencia and his fellows. Kouyate was a big challenge on the midfield and Steven Gerrard could not withstand all the pressure from the midfield.

There is every reason for Liverpool to hunt for some new talented players in January despite the fact that he has spent some million pounds in this summer. There is a clear need for good defenders as well as one defensive midfielder in the Liverpool team. Gerrard is getting older, so is Skirtel.

In half-time Liverpool was already behind by 2-1. The Hammers scored their 2 goals in 1st half within only 7 minutes. Raheem Sterling proved as to why he is in The Three Lions when he sent a very hot missile to try to catchup West Ham. west Ham was very much organized than Liverpool in that day. In the 2nd half Adam Lallana was given a chance to uplift Liverpool. Thanks to West ham defence as they managed to resist all the pressure from Liverpool attacking force. With this 3-1 defeat Liverpool should rethink the way they are going to approach other games to come up with good results.

Monday, September 22, 2014


Man City played only 9 after Zabaleta was sent out. The Etihad stadium was so quiet just trying to feel the taste of only 9 people to play against a mighty Chelsea team. On my side the football shown by James Milner was so wonderful. Milner gave much trouble to the right back of Chelsea. His pace was always certain and he was a threat to Chelsea defence.

 In order to equalize the goal Milner dribbled the ball so perfectly to give a perfect pass to Frank Lampard who netted the ball to his old team. Chelsea got their goal after Zabaleta was sent off. Having one player less did not resist Man City from reacting. They played some good attack-minded football which gave them a chance to equalize.

Super Frankie