Thursday, June 27, 2013


Antonio de Oliveira Filho (Careca) was a famous Brazilian footballer in 1980’s. Careca started to play football in his home soil in the state of Sao Paulo. His 1st local team was Guarani. In those days most Brazilian players who were selected in the national team played at home, as compared to these days where most Brazilian players play outside Brazil. Careca started to play for Guarani FC in the year 1978.

Careca played for Guarani FC from 1978 – 1982 and scored a total of 38 goals. With Guarani FC Careca played a total of 63 matches.

Careca has played a total of 64 matches for the Brazilian national team (Selecao) and he scored a total of 30 goals. Careca was involved in the national team in 1982 and continued to play for Selecao for about 11 years. The last year for him to appear in Selecao was 1993. In 1984 and 1988 Careca did not play in the national team.

In the year 1986 Careca scored many goals as compared to all years of his career in the national team. He scored 8 goals in that year. In the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, Careca was the 2nd top scorer just behind Lineker the English player.

Brazil vs France world cup 1986 (Careca in the squad)

There are some years in Careca’s history with Selecao where he played several matches without scoring any single goal. For example in 1982 he played for Selecao four times but didn’t score any goal. In 1991 he appeared only once for Selecao and didn’t score a goal.

In 1983 and 1986 are the two years which Careca played most matches than all years of his career with Selecao. In those two years I have mentioned Careca played a total of 11 matches. In 1983 he scored 5 goals and in 1986 he scored a total of 8 goals.

In 1982 which was the last year for him to play for Guarani FC Careca played a total of 17 games and scored 18 goals. This was an average of about 1 goal per match.

In 1983 till 1987 Careca joined another Brazilian team called Sao Paulo FC. He scored a total of 54 goals in all the appearances for Sao Paulo FC. In 1986 Careca played a lot of games for his side and scored many goals more than any season since he joined Sao Paulo. In that most successful season he played 31 games and scored a total of 25 goals.

After a successful career in Sao Paulo FC Careca moved to Italy and played for Napoli FC in 1987. He played for Napoli from 1987 till 1993 in the serie A. In his 1st season with Napoli he played a total of 26 matches and scored 13 goals. The season of 1991/1992 was the most successful season for Careca in the serie A. He made a total of 33 appearances and he netted a total of 15 goals.

While at Napoli Careca mad a very strong combination with Diego Maradona, and Bruno Giordano. This combination made Napoli win the UEFA Cup in 1989. In 1990 Careca with team mates won the serie A or Escudetto. 

Careca participated in both 1986 in Mexico and 1990 world cup in Italy. After staying in Italy from 1987 to 1993, Careca moved to Japan. In Japan he joined a club called Kashiwa Reysol. He played for Kashiwa Reysol for 4 years from 1993 until 1996. In 1993 and 1994 Kashiwa Reysol participated in the Football League (First Division League). In 1995 and 1996 Kashiwa participated in Japanese premier league called J-League.