Thursday, January 24, 2013


Match highlight: Ivory Coast vs Togo, where Yaya Toure 
scored the opening goal. (AFCON-2013)

You will always plan not to miss a single match of Manchester City in which Yaya Toure is involved in the squad. Yaya to me is  a very perfect midfielder frankly speaking. He normally have more than 80 per cent pass accuracy. Most killing passes to Aguero or Tevez as well as other strikers originates from this man. No wonder that he is very helpful in the Ivorian national team. Before coming to Man City he was playing for Barcelona in Spain. 

Yaya Toure in one of the matches at Man City

Yaya Toure when he played for Barcelona before joining Man City

Yaya and Adam Johnson as they celebrate together

A versatile player, he aspired to be a striker during his youth and has played centre back, including 
for FC Barcelona in the 2009 UEFA Champions League Final. He frequently plays as a box-to-box midfielder for club and country and often switches from defensive and offensive positions throughout matches.

Touré joined ASEC Mimosas youth academy in 1996 on the recommendation of his long-time mentor Patrick van Reijendam. He then moved to Europe where he played for Belgian side Beveren for two-and-a-half years.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


He is nicknamed Mr. Liverpool. On the pitch Gerrard is tireless. He struggles for the team. If you look at his driving force you ca always think of him as the team owner. He has a very wonderful fighting spirit. Mr. Liverpool has a very high accuracy of pass completion. Many killer passes originate from him. You can observe this during Fernando Torres era. Gerrard linked so well with torres and torres scored several times. Here are some of his goals.

Gerrard scored a nice goal against West Ham in 2006 FA Cup final.

This is said to be the best goal ever of Steven Gerrard

A very hot strike by Gerrard against Olimpiakos.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Oh la la at last the Spanish giants have slipped on the away match against Real Sociedad. As expected by most people barcelona dominated the ball. Sociedad used long passes and much running. Being at home they fought hard to level 2 goals after being behind. on the last minutes Sociedad scored again to make the score appear 3-2.

Barcelona squad against Real Sociedad

The hosts were not content with the single point and, with Barca unable to maintain their usual passing and pressing rhythm, it was all La Real in the latter stages.
The Liga leaders thought they had held on too, but just after the referee signalled two minutes of added time the impressive Martinez cut inside on to his weaker left foot before curling a lovely low cross into the six-yard box, which substitute Agirretxe slid in to meet with a simple finish.

Messi as he scores the opener for his team.

Real Sociedad were always going to attempt to take the game to Barça, with talented attacking options in midfield and up front and a clear plan to press the visitors high up the pitch. Even so, it was Barça who had the early chances – Messi missing a great opportunity to open the scoring within the first five minutes and then almost immediately afterwards doing better with his second chance to put Barça one up.

When the architect Xavi shows his skills

Barcelona players celebrating after scoring a goal

The Catalans were ahead as early as the seventh minute. Messi had already drilled a one-on-one wide, but made no mistake at the second time of asking, slotting home superbly from the edge of the box after Barca had pounced on a terrible clearance from Claudio Bravo.

Xabi Prieto came close to responding with a shot that hit the side netting, after a clever move from a free kick, but it was Barca who should have scored again after winning the ball inside the Sociedad box, with Pedro unlucky to see his splendid curling effort crack off the far post.

Barca manager manager in deep thinking as he watches his squad.

Frustration on Barca side as Real Sociedad scores a goal.

There was no time for a Barca comeback – indeed, Valdes prevented Ifran from nabbing a late fourth for the hosts – and Sociedad celebrated a famous victory, although one which probably will not have a great impact on the defending champions’ title hopes.

The only thing I think has brought a catastrophe to Barca is a red card given to Pique. After Pique went out of the pitch the opponents played so hard and Barca seemed vulnerable. I think Barca coach should find a technique of playing with 10 men and maintain their attacking spirit.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Samuel Etoo will be watching other national teams in South Africa from tomorrow since his country didn't succeed to get a chance to play there. I don't know why Barcelona could decide to sell such a striker. He was so wonderful at Barcelona when he played for the team. He can score with both legs. He is now making another carrier in Russia. His goal against Volga team was so nice and very important as shown in the video.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Japanese premier league is coming up, and it is one of the best leagues in Asia. The Japanese people have a 100 years plan to uplift J-league into higher standards like other leagues in the world of football such as EPL, Bundesliga or even italian Serie A.

No wonder that in Japan we continue to see new talents, wonderful skills, foreign professional footballers playing there and many more good things. Other countries can adopt the Japanese style of long-term plan to invest and empower their domestic leagues. With dtermination and hard work, the Japanese people will come out with a very nice, famous and competitive league

Tuesday, January 15, 2013



You need to be creative and clever to score such a great goal like Henry's. It was not only superb, but also a match decider. There is no doubt that Henry is a true fighter when it comes to goal scoring. He does not look to be aged, he is just like a 20 years old boy. Fantastic.



Unlike Messi, Ronaldo can score from very far distances. This goal against Celta Vigo proves the unique  talent of Ronaldo.


This man is very intelligent on the pitch. May be it is because he is using a left leg perfectly. Tackling someone using left leg like Messi is so hard.


These are really great goals. Let us wait for more in 2013.

Friday, January 4, 2013


Italian serie B logo

What could be known as premier league in England in Italy it is known as serie A. Serie A is one of the toughest leagues in the world. It is not an easy task for the team to win the Escudetto every year. You have to face a lot of challenges for even to remain in the best 10 position in the competition or else the team might seriously be subject to relegation.
For the lower teams in Italy to qualify to play in serie A they must fight hard in serie B. Serie B was established in 1929. The league currently consists of 22 teams.


In the complete season each team in Serie B plys 42 games. These 42 games are divided into 2 groups, 1st 21 games or andata and second 21 games to wind up the season called ritorno. During the andata each team in Serie B, plays once against each opponent. During the ritorno again each team plays for the second time for all ita opponents. This is a very unique style from this league.

Serie B matches are usually played on Saturday. After one year where all games were played on Saturday, the league is again scheduling one game that is played on Friday called anticipo (the advanced game) and one game that is played on Monday called posticipo (the post-dated game). The league also plays on several Tuesdays to fit in all 42 games. The league also plays on Sunday if Serie A is off.

When the serie B season ends, the best 3 teams are promoted to serie A and the best 4 losers are relegated to the lower league called Lega Pro Prima Divisione. It is not a relaxing time for any team in sere B when it wants to go into serie A. Hard work, determination and a lot of strategies are invested for each team for better results at the end of the season. Under normal circumstances the top two teams are automatically promoted.  When it appears that the 3rd-placed team is 10 or more points ahead of the 4th-placed team, it will also be automatically promoted, otherwise the 3rd through 6th-placed teams enter a playoff tournament to find out the other team that will be promoted as well. To avoid all this tedious work the team has to fight to be in the top two teams.

Genoa is the leading team for winning serie B cups. Genoa has 6 trophies in total since the league was established. Atalanta FC has won Serie B trophy 5 times, and it is the second after Genoa.

In 30thdecember 2012 10 matches were played. Out of ten matches played there were 7 wins and 3 draws. The current top team is called Sassuolo, and it scored 5-0 when it played against Cesena

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Muang Thong United is a football club based in Thailand. It was established in 1989. Its short form is MTU. It is the current champion of the Thailand Premier League. We are used to the clubs in major leagues in Europe  but today I have decided to bring this other team fro the far east.

The team has won three matches out of five before winning the trophy. In 2009 season Muang Thong United participated for the 1st time in the top flight of Thai football, after becoming champions of Thai Division 1 League title in 2008.

There are 3 international players coming from Ivory Coast in the team.The 3 players are namely Kone Mohamed 27 years, Siaka Dagno 25 years old and Diarra Ali 24 years old.

MTU logo

MTU uses the stadium called SCG. The stadium has a capacity of about 17,500 spectators. 

Choe Kum-Chol is a striker in MTU team and comes from  DPRK. This striker has already scored 6 goals for his countryside in 18 matches he has played. Choe Kum-Chol is only 25 years old and already showing good performance with the team.

Jakkraphan Pornsai- one of MTU strikers

The team manager is called Slavisa Jokanovic, 44 years old from Serbia.

In the year 2009 the Ivorian Dagno Siaka was the top scorer with 10 goals. Dagno also did the same in the following season of 2010 when he netted a total of 15 goals in that season.


Still more to come on this article.