Monday, December 30, 2013


I decided to refresh my mind by sitting somewhere with the football fans watching this wonderful tie. I can't regret because the game was so entertaining.  Whenever these 2 teams meet, the game becomes more interesting. Whether in the premier league or in champions league, the 2 teams are always fiercely competing from the 1st minute to the last. I didn't see Demba Ba in front there but the striking force for Chelsea was strong enough. Martin Skirtel gave his team a happy new year present in just the 4th minute. In about the first 15 minutes the game was not direct to either team because every team tried to play with caution and the midfield was full of players from both Chelsea and Liverpool. Mamadou Sakho blocked the ball involuntarily to find that he gave a very good pass to Eden Hazard. The boy knows what to do wih such opportunities. The ball was chopped by Hazard and made a sort of bending on the right side of Liverpool's goal. And at last Chelsea equalized.

Martin Skirtel as he scores the opener.
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Skirtel as he celebrates his 4th minute goal.
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Etoo, Lampard and Ivanovic can't believe what Skirtel is doing
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Hazard celebrating after equalizing for Chelsea.
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It needs a single and intelligently estimated touch. That is Etoo's way.
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Made by Oscar, scored by Etoo. They celebrate together.
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The absence of Steven Gerrard in the midfield was obvious. Liverpool was playing like a team of orphans because Chelsea players stole almost all the moves in front. Oscar was one of the shinning stars in yesterday's game. He moved with the ball on the left side of Liverpool's goal and passed the ball among Liverpool defenders. This made an opportunity to Samuel Etoo, and he punished the goal keeper with a sensational finish to make it 2-1. Fernando Torres came in after Etoo's injury in about 5 minutes to time. He moved with the ball and passed over 2 defenders before he hit the ball, only to find it in the hands of Liverpool Goalie. It was the opportunity for Liverpool to mov into the 3rd position but the game did not offer any possibility for that.

Saturday, December 28, 2013


Juma Kaseja has been serving Simba Sports club for more than 10 years. At the end of the last season the Simba FC administration decided to not give him any new contract. Kaseja is remembered in Simba history especially in the year 2003 when Simba eliminated Zamalek FC of Egypt on penalties. Kaseja was the hero as he managed to save the penalty shots. When Simba came back in Dar es Salaam it was received with glory and cheers from a lot of fans. As Taifa Stars was not performing well internationally, the act of Simba to eliminate Zamalek was taken as a national victory. With all that success Kaseja played his crucial role as a goal keeper.

Kaseja posing for a malaria campaign.

Kaseja when he was still under Simba Sports Club.

This has to be an air kaseja action. He goes on air to catch the ball.
He is also called Tanzania One because of his unique skills on goal.

The 1st round of Vodacom Pemier League has finished. Juma Kaseja was just doing his own exercises under his own program to keep himself in form. Owing to the fact that he did not get the team to play during the 1st round, the national team coach Mr. Kim Poulsen did not include him in the Challenge Cup squad. At Last Yanga decided to sign him and offer him a contract. He is expected to serve Yanga in the second round of Vodacom Premier league which will start next year. Simba management decided to leave Kaseja because of the allegations that he has been performing poorly purposely to let down the team. let us wait and see his new beginning in his new team.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


On 15th November 2013 England played Chile in one of the preparations for both sides on the coming world cup in Brazil. There was some how a sort of entertaining football. But Chile seemed to be more compact and prepared than England. The 3 Lions as it is known were so busy hunting for the ball. They stayed with  the ball for sometime but several times the ball was being stolen by Chilean players.

 These teams from South America are so tricky. They are normally playing possession football. They always think of staying with the ball for so long than their opponents. One of the few players who impressed me was Wayne Rooney. Rooney kept himself calm, knowing the fact that the game was not so easy. As expected he kept on attacking and trying to score, only that he was so unlucky. The Chilean midfield players were playing a bit of very short passes which were so hard to tackle for the English players. If Chile will maintain their standard of playing like the way they did against England, then they should be able to reach as far as possible in the next world cup in Brazil.

England vs Chile Highlights.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


The football history in Indonesia goes far back to the colonial era. In the year 1930 the Indonesian Football league was established. The football league was established during the Dutch colonial time. The league is supervised by Indonesia Football association (PSSI). This was actually 15 years before the independence of Indonesia. After 7 years since its establishment, PSSI affiliated to FIFA.  9 years later PSSI joined the Asian Football Federation.

The current chairman of PSSI is called Djohar Arifin Hussein.
Indonesia have different national teams categories accordin to the age of players. There exist the Indonesia U-21, U-19, U-23 and U-16. In that way, there is a strong base for the future of Indonesian senior team.
In 2012 Indonesia U-21 team participated in the Hassanal Bolkiah cup in Brunei.

One of the things which are really interesting is to find that 3 players used toplay their professional football outside Indonesia. These players are Ryan Yusuf who plays for Lille in France, Dow Alfawirsa who plays for Giresunspor in Turkey and Farri Agri who plays for Al Khor in Qatar. The current squad which was organized to play did not include any single player out of the Indonesia domestic league.


The football association of Indonesia is made up of many provincial associations. Some of these are such as Aceh Association (AA) and Central Java Association (AJTG). Each of these association are responsible for the direct day to day management of football within the provinces. The ultimately report to the main association which is the (PPSI)

Thursday, September 26, 2013


There are few players in this world who can show such a wonderful goal scoring ability like the way Chicharito does. For sure this man could be getting more games in the first 11 line up of Man U. He knows where to position himself for the goal.

Chicharito's goal

His goal was the decider for his team. Moyes has a wonderful boy to help in crucial times. The goal he has scored has enabled Manchester United to go ahead in the Capital ne Cup. This Mexican striker should get more time to play and Man U will never regret for the fruits he will give for the team. For the team like Man U, it is so interesting to see that even in the absence of Van Persie, the team can still play well in the forward line. Rooney, Welbeck nad Chicharito did a wonderful Job. For the Side of Liverpool, they were so unlucky. De Gea rescued a lot of dangerous strikes from the opponents. Steven Gerrald was as if he is not in the game. Sturridge did not perform so well as expected. Liverpool has already lost one cup so far.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


This is another well organized league in Scotland. The teams are normally promoted to the 2nd division. In the previous season the top scorer was Andrew Little, who netted in a total of 22 goals. Little is a player of Rangers FC.

The top most football team in this lower division league was Rangers FC. Being the 1st in the league table,
means Rangers qualifies to play in the 2nd division. 

Elgin City FC

Rangers FC Logo

Annan Athletic FC Logo.

The other three teams below Rangers in the league table have to play again in order to qualify to play in the 2nd division in case they win with flying colours. The 3 teams below Rangers in the previous season were Peterhead which was on the 2nd position with 59 points, Queen’s Park FC  on the 3rd position with 3 points less than Peterhead and Berwick Rangers FC with 49 points and on the 4th position.

Clayde FC vs Rangers last season.

Rolly Mac Allister plays for Peterhead and was the second top scorer in the Scottish Division three with a total of 22 goals. Darren Lavery and Lee McCulloch together they netted a total of 17 goals.

Darren plays for Berwick Rangers and Lee plays for the the Scottish Division three winners Rangers.
East Stirlingshire finished at the bottom of the league table with only 29 points. East Stirlingshire won oly 8 games out of 36 games.

In this league, each team will have to play with another four times. In the 1stseason twice and in the second season again twice again.

Egin City vs Annan Athletic in last season

Elgin City Squad

Elgin vs Rangers

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Real Madrid has succeeded to sign Gareth Bale. It seems that Ozil has quited Madrid to get rid of fierce competition in the midfield which could be there in the presence of Gareth Bale.

The important question comes: Does Bale fit in Anceloti’s formation? This team has a lot of wonderful players almost in every position. Is Bale really so good to make someone stay at the bench? Did Real Madrid need that kind of player? Is it not for business purposes that Bale is joining Madrid?

Ozil has gone. He is the only player in all over Europe to create many chances for scoring goals. How is it easy for the team like Real Madrid to just let a player like Ozil go? But I am not surprised. It did like that to Claude Makelele and they suffered without him for many years.

Ozil has been given No 11. What a welcome at Arsenal!
[Photo by:]

Ozil on training soon after joining Arsenal.

Ozil with his teammate Per Metersacker in one of the practice sessions at Arsenal.
[Photo by:]

Ozil as he was challenged by Ki Sung-Yeung of Sunderland

Ozil for Arsenal in a tight challenge with David Vaughen of Sunderland.

Wenger seems to congratulate the good work by Ozil on the pitch.
[Photo by:]

On the other hand I expect a player like Ozil who play in a jihad way on the pitch to bring success at Arsenal. Imagine the supply of balls to Podolski and Walcott, without forgetting Giroud.

The strikers at Arsenal should do what the fans expect. If Ozil is in the midfield and then you don't score, then you should consider yourself as a waste to Arsenal in general.

I still remember the Arsenal of Henry, Pires, Grimandi, Kanu, Bergkamp, Seaman, Viera, Ljumberg, Adams and Wiltord and other players. That Arsenal could even win the champions league. It is the most entertaining team ever at The Emirates. May be Wenger is trying to revive the Arsenal I loved to watch in those days.

Ozil vs Adriano in el-classico. The tie took place in April 2011

Ozil and Puyol in a fight for the ball during el-classico in November 2010.

Ozil in one of the champions league match against Borussia Dortmund last season
when he played for Real Madrid.  [Photo by:]

Ozil is expected to be seen today in a champions’ league match against Olympique Marseille. It will be his 1st match for Arsenal in Champions league.

Ozil has already played for Arsenal in the EPL match against Sunderland, in a match which Arsenal won 3-1. He is expected to make important assists for the Arsenal attackers this season.

Ozil has declared that he may not regret for his switch to Arsenal. He had a dream of playing in the premier league. Wenger’s phone call made it happen, and Ozil was ready. He is now joining his team mate in the Germany National team, Podolski. This may be another advantage since they know each other so well.

In a match with Sunderland, it took only 10 minutes before the German created a crucial assist to Giroud who netted in the ball. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013


Hiroki Sakai is a Japanese player who plays as a defender. He started to play in the youth team at Kashiwa Reysol in the period of 2003-2008. He is 23 years old now.
Hiroki was born in Kashiwa, Japan. From 2009-2012 he played in the Kashiwa Reysol senior team. He made a total of 51 appearances and scored 2 goals. After playing so well he went to play in the Bundesliga with Hannover 96. With Hannover 96, he has already made 13 appearances with no goal.

Hiroki as he joined Hannover 96 from Kashiwa Reysol.
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Hiroki for Kashiwa Reysol vs Neymar for Santos in 2011 FIFA club confederations Cup
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Hiroki for Kashiwa Reysol vs Club de Futbol de Monterrey
in 2011 FIFA club confederations Cup.
Photo by:

It is Hiroki , the machine at work for Kashiwa Reysol

Hiroki for Kashiwa Reysol vs Auckland City 
in 2011 FIFA club confederations Cup.
Photo by:

Hiroki in one of Hannover96 practice sessions.

Hiroki also participates in the Japanese national team. He is not yet to score any goal but he has made a total of 12 appearances. Hiroki is only 23 years of age and he is the pillar for the Japanese football and the Japanese national team. With a player like him, something productive is expected. Joining Hannover 96 from Kashiwa Reysol is a huge advancement for the Japanese youngster. This will give him a lot of experience which in turn will contribute to the Japanese national team.
Neymar's Santos VS Hiroki's Kashiwa Reysol. See for yourself.
Before playing for the senor team, Hiroki played for the Japan U-23 a total of 17 games and won 2 goals. In 2011 he won the J-League best 11 award. Hope he will follow the successes of Hidetoshi Nakata and Shunsuke Nakamura.


Kim Bo-Kyung is a South Korean footballer who currently plays for Cardiff City in England. He started to play in the youth team at Hongik University in the period of 2008-2009. In 2010-2012 Cerezo Osaka signed him and he played a total of 41 games and scored 15 goals.

Kim in one of the matches against Blackburn Rovers.
Photo by:

While under Cerezo Osaka, Kim was transferred on loan to another Japanese team called Oita Trinita in the J-League 2nd division. He played successfully while on loan and he appeared 28 times for Oita Trinita and scored 8 goals.
Kim among Sheffield Wednesday defenders
Photo by:
In 2012 he was sold to the English side Cardiff City. His first goal for Cardiff was in the match between Cardiff and Blackburn Rovers, where Cardiff won by 4-1. He helped Cardiff to win the championship and qualify directly to play in the premier league in the next season.
Cardiff City vs Crystal Palace-Carling Cup.
Kim has a good record in the South Korean U-23 team. He won the bronze medal in 2010 in the Asian Games. Kim also won the bronze medal in London Olympics in 2012 with the U-23 squad.


The Japanese U-23 soccer team is a strong base for players in the Japanese senior team as well as the domestic league known as J-League. The team has been playing in the Olympic Games since 1936. In the Olympic Games which were hosted in Germany, the Japanese U-23 reached the quarter finals. This is a remarkable history for the team as it is not always easy to reach the quarter finals in such a big tournament as the Olympics.
Japan vs Spain in 2012 summer Olympics
In 1936 the Japanese U-23 squad allowed 10 goals and it scored only 3 goals. This shows that the forward line did not score many goals to advance further in that competition. 3 goals only are not enough if you expect to reach the finals for example.

In 1956, the Olympic Games were hosted by Australia. The Japanese team did not do well as compared to 1936 record. It was defeated in the 1st round and that was the end of its expectations. In that tournament the Japanese team did not score any goal and it allowed a total of 2 goals.

In the summer Olympics of 1968, the Japanese squad did very well in its history. It won the bronze medal just after Poland which won the silver medal and Hungary which won the gold medal. Japan started its campaign in group A with Spain, Brazil and Nigeria. Japan played its first match in October 14th against Nigeria. They defeated Nigeria by 3-1, in an event which the Japanese player Kunishige Kamamoto scored the hat trick.

Their second match was against Brazil whereby Watanabe of the Japanese squad scored the only goal in the late minutes to equalize the match. The match with Brazil ended at a 1-1 draw. Their 3rd tie was against Spain and it was a goalless draw. Japan qualified for the next stage after becoming 2nd in group just below Spain. It had a total of 4 points just one point below Spain who had 5 points.

Japan faced France in the quarter finals and they defeated France by 3-1. This gave them a ticket to play in the semi finals.

One of The semi-final matches was between Hungary and Japan. Japan suffered a defeat of 0-5 from Hungary.

In October 24th 1968 Japan played against Mexico. The hosts were severely beaten by the Toyota makers. Japan won the match by 2-0. This was the bright shine for the Japanese team. It is my hope that one day Japan will reach the world cup final before it can take it.

Friday, August 9, 2013


Marius Stankevičius is a Lithuanian professional footballer who plays in the serie A in Italy for S. S. Lazio. Mrius is now 32 years of age. He is the captain for his national side. He has apent most of his football carrier in other European countries especially in Italy.
In 2001-2008 Marius played a total of 157 games for Brescia and he scored a total of 12 goals. 12 goals is a good record for the defender because no one expects the defender to play on the goal-scoring role. In 2010-2011 Marius was taken out on loan basis in the La Liga in Spain where he played for Sevilla and Valencia before returning back to Italy and joining Lazio.

Marius in Spain when he played for Valencia against Barcelona.

As expected Marius started to play football in his home soil in Lithuania. His 1st club was Ekranas FC. He played a total of 87 matches for Ekranas and he scored 3 goals. After playing successfully for Ekranas FC he went to join the Italian side Brescia.

Marius in Sampdoria shirt

Marius was selected as the Lithuanian footballer of the year for two years in a row, 2008 and 2009. He won two Lithuanian cups with Ekranas FC in 1998 and 2000. Marius also won the Lithuanian Super cup with Ekranas FC in 2000. He has something good in his CV so far. In Spain where he spent some time on loan he won the King’s cup with  FC Sevilla. With S. S. Lazio, Marius added something important in his CV and history by winning the Italian Cup or Coppa Italia in 2012/2013 season.

Marius wonderful goal against Spain.

Marius has played for the Lithuanian National Team since 2002. He has appeared 62 times for his country, and he has netted a total of 5 goals. In 2008 World cup qualifying match with Romania, Marius scored an opener, in a victory of 3-0 against Romania.


La Masia was established in 1979 after being proposed by Johann Cruyiff the former Barcelona player. Cruyiff was inspired by the home academy in the Netherlands where he himself grew into a wonderful footballer.

Some wonderful Skills from La Masia

Cruyiff was reared by the Ajax Amsterdam FC youth Academy. In his proposal, Cruyiff was trying to inject the techniques and basics of youth football to Barcelona. This has marked for the recent success for FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team in particular. The La Masia class of 1987 was so wonderful. That class consisted of Fabregas, Pedro, Pique and Messi has come to realize the dream of Johann Cruyiff for establishing the academy.

Some goals from the La Masia kids

Each year the boys from the age of 6 to 8 try to get in the acdemy, and normally it is only about 200 boys who will be selected to enter. From the age of 7 until the age of 18 La Masia has a total of 16 teams at different ages. Imagine the strength of a midfield player like Sergio Busquets, and we come to realize how important is La Masia in grooming the young talents for spain and for Barca as well. La Masia is a reality. La Masia is not a day dream. La masia is a power house for Spain and Barcelona.

Mikel Arteta is one of the strong midfield players for Arsenal AND HE Graduated from La Masia in the class of 1982.


A club like Sparta Praha has a huge history in both the old Czechoslovakia and the current Czech Republic. Most wonderful players for Sparta Praha used to be in the National team. The trend for this pattern to continue looks to stumble somewhere because currently the national team of Czech Republic consists of many players from other major European leagues. That is to say we are now missing the real taste of Czech Republic soccer style. The home talents have no other option than to dream on playing outside their country.

Sparta Praha squad.

Jiri of Sparta Praha celebrating a goal with his teammate.

Sparta Praha was established 119 years ago. It is one of oldest teams in Europe. It is older than AC Milan and Real Madrid. In the previous season Sparta finished in the 2nd position. Sparta Has been managed by about 58 different managers from 1907 up to now. From 1985 to 2013 Man United was under Sir Alex Ferguson only. In the same length of time Sparta Praha has been under a total of 29 coaches. Is this trend favourite for football development?
Chelsea vs Sparta Praha early in 2013
In more than 10 years back from now, the only coach to stay with the team for a long time is Jozef Chovanec who managed the team from 2008 until 2011). Sparta Praha has been the venue which makes good players who normally go outside the Czech Republic to play. Such players are such as Jan Koler, Ptrick Berger and Peter Cech .


Azam FC is a new emerging soccer team in Tanzania. It now enjoys a 5 years old time since its establishment. In the previous season it fought hard in the Vodacom Premier League and ended in the 2nd position. This ensures Azam FC for a chance to play in the CAF cup in the next season. It is managed by an English coach called Stewart Hall.

Mwaikimba of Azam FC after scoring a goal.

Azam FC has decided to travel to South Africa pre-season matches. It has already played one match with Kaizer Chiefs FC and went down by 3-0. After suffering that defeat Azam FC side has given some reasons for the defeat. They say that the cold weather was a big problem for their side. They have also played against Mamelodi Sundowns FC and they won in that match by 1-0. The goal from Azam FC came from Gaudence Mwaikimba in the 74th minute after netting in the header from another Azam FC player called Atudo in the right wing.

This is a second match played by Azam FC in South Africa so far. Azam has played another friendly match today 9th August against Orlando Pirates before finishing their pre-season schedule with Moroka Swallows FC. The match was played in the morning and it was so hard for Azam FC because of the adverse cold weather in South Africa this time. Orlando has won the match by 2-1.
The only goal for Azam was netted in by Jabir Aziz. This pre-season match time table will strengthen Azam FC physically and tactically for the next season. May be they will take the trophy in the Vodacom Premier League next season.


Gomel football club is a football soccer team based in Belarus. The club has a very long history which starts from the pre-soviet era to the soviet era to the post-soviet era. There has been a change in the name of the team in all that time and the current name is FC Gomel. The club was found in 1959 and it uses the Central Stadium.
 The Central stadium has a capacity of 14,037. It participates in the Belarusian Premier league. The home colours for FC Gomel is white for both a t-shirt and the short. Green is used as an away colour by FC Gomel.

Liverpool vs FC Gomel in Europa League in 2012

In 1959 the team was called Lokomotiv Gomel and in 1978 it was Gomselmash Gomel. The changing of team name appeared about 5times before gaining the current name which it is using currently. This is a very wonderful history but it is  normal to different teams all over the world. The difference is the number of times that the team name is changed. For example Simba sports club of Tanzania  was known as Sunderland before later being changed to be Simba. The change appeared only once.

Artur Liatvinski of Gomel agaist Steven Gerrard of Liverpool(2012)

Fc Gomel has been under 19 different managers from 1990. That might be the reason as to why the team can not advance further and gain more development in and outside Europe. From 2005 the team was under different 8 managers. this is an average of  1 manager per year. This is a huge problem to FC Gomel and Belarusian football in general.

FC Gomel has won the Belarusian Premier league once in 2003. The team has also won the Belarusian cup in 2002 and again in the year 2011. FC Gomel has won the Belarusian Super cup only once in its history and this happened in the year 2012.

Liverpool vs FC Gomel highlights in August 2012

The current squad consists of 31 players of which 3 of them are foreigners. The foreign players are from Estonia, Ukraine and Lithuania. Of these foreign players there is Andrei Sidorenkov, a 29 years old defender from Estonia. He also played in the Estonian national team from 2004 until 2011. He made a total of 21 appearances for Estonia with no single goal. In 21 appearances which he made for Fredericia  FC in 2012, he has scored a total of 2 goals. Fc Gomel is the 10th club for his in his carrier. He probably has a lot of experience from different leagues, different countries and different teams.


Marcio is the Brazilian player who plays in the midfield, as an attacking midfielder. His current team is Urawa Red Diamonds which participates in the Japanese premier league famous as J-League.
Marcio in one of the matches for Urawa Reds
Marcio is 31 years old and he joined Urawa reds from another Japanese club called Albirex Niigata, the club which he played a total of 107 matches and scored a total of 38 goals.

Marcio is an experienced player who has played in 10 different teams before coming to play in the Japanese league. His last club whch he played before coming to Japan was known as Sao Caetano FC, a team based in Brazil.
Marcio in mid of Muang Thong United from Thailand.
Photo by:

In 2010 Marcio won the J-League best 11 award. He has already played a total of 22 matches and scored a total of 2 goals.
Urawa Reds vs Gamba Osaka in 2012 Highlights.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013



Hungary is a football loving nation. It has a good national team. There is a very well organized premier league. Football has been a very popular game in Hungary since the years of 1900’s. 

The first international match to be played by Hungary national team was against their neighbours Austria in 1902. That was only 3 years less than the time which Maji Maji War took place in Tanzania under the Commander in Chief Kinjekitile Ngwale. Hungary suffered a 5-0 defeat from Austria. T

he Hungarian Football Federation is among the oldest football governing bodies at country level in the universe. It was found in 1901. The Hungarian national team uses orange, white and green colours on their jerseys. 

Hungarian National Team 



The international participation of the Hungarian national team was not much good in the 1990’s. However there was a little sign of success after qualifying for the 1996 summer Olympics. 

Almost every follower of Hungary football thought that this was the new beginning of the young football generation for the country. 

As usual, things don’t go the way is expected and Hungary lost their match against Nigeria by 1-0 before losing another match to Brazil at a 3-1 defeat. This was enough to end the Hungarians dream in the 1996 Olympic football competition.


Hungary has qualified for the FIFA world cup 9 times in history. They qualified in the 1982 in Spain as well as 1986 world cup in Mexico. In the year 1982 in Spain Hungary was placed in the same group with Belgium, El Salvador and Argentina. Hungary lost their game against Argentina after going down by 4-1. The remarkable event remembered so far is the match between Hungary and El Salvador where Hungary punished El Salvador by 10-1. In that match, Laszlo Kiss scored a hat trick. It was a very big win in the competition. In the match against Belgium the score was a 1-1 draw which confirmed Hungary elimination from the world cup.


 In 19 86, Hungary lost their first match against the Soviet Union. In the match against Canada, Marton Esterhazy and Lajos Detari gave Hungary a crucial win of 2-0 over Canada. Despite the win at their match with Canada, Hungary did not secure enough points to proceed further as they lost their final game with France by 3-0. Since 1986, Hungary has been struggling to participate in world cup finals. Will they qualify for the next year’s world cup? Let us wait.

4. FIFA U-20 WORLD CUP 2009

The year 2009 was another time for shining for the Hungary football starlets. The U-20 team competed strongly and won the bronze medal. Hungary was placed in group F with UAE, Honduras and South Africa. Hungary started its campaign against Honduras. They were defeated by Honduras by 3-0. In their second match against South Africa, Hungary came with strong eager and they defeated their opponents in a historical 4-0. 

It was a lesson to the South Africans. The Hungarian starlets were trying to deliver a message to their opponents that they did not come to look for the pyramids. Their last group stage campaign was against the United Arab Emirates, where they won the match with a remarkable 2-0. This meant that Hungary stayed at the top of group F with 6 points, followed by United Arab Emirates which secured 4 points.

After the remarkable victory in group F, Hungary advanced in the round of 16 to play with Czech Republic. The match finished at a 2-2 draw after regular time and in the penalty shoot out Hungary won by 4-3. Hungary went to the quarter finals and they played Italy. Hungary won its match against Italy by 3-2 at extra time to secure a place in the semi-final. In the semi-final Hungary played Ghana and the Ghanaians won the match by 3-2 within 90 minutes play. 

The hopes of the Hungarian team diminished after that defeat. In another semi final match between Brazil and Costa Rica saw Brazil advancing to the final by a victory of 1-0. That made Costa Rica to play against Hungary for the 3rd position, and that is where the Hungary starlet team ended. Hungary won by 2-0 on penalties after a 1-1 draw.
This young generation is expected to spice up the national team for more success. May be in something like 3 to 5 years from now, we can have another football taste from Hungary in various international competitions.


Alfred Hajos was the Hungary National Team Coach in 1906. He was so famous for his wonderful swimming talent as well as the skills in architecture. As a university student it was so hard to compete in athletics and at the same time to abide with the university assignments and other classroom related duties. He was talented in athletics and architecture. In 1896 games, Hajos won the 2 gold medals in swimming. Before competing in the 1896 Olympics in Athens, Hajos won the 1895 and 1896 100 meters free style competitions at the European level. As an architect Hajos designed the Protestant Church in Budapest and Sports ground in Kaposvar, and many others.


Erwin Koeman has coached Hungary from 2008 until 2010. Before becoming a coach, Koeman was also a player for various teams. He started to play for Groningen FC from 1978-1979, playing 6 games with no goal scoring history.
In 1979 he went to play for PSV before coming back to Groningen FC in 1982-1985. In his second season at Groningen he scored 39 goals.
He has worked as a team coach for PSV, RKCWaalwijk and Feyenoord before coming to Hungary as the national team coach. 


This is a very notable player in Hungary and internationally. He is the 3rd all time top scorer in football for the 20th century. After Ferenc Puskas and Pele, Sandor is in the third position. He started his club footballing with Kobanyai TC. In 1958-1965 Sandor played for FC Barcelona, making a total of 65 appearances and netting 42 goals. In 1950-1957 Sandor played for Honved FC, making 145 appearances and he scored a total of 153 goals.
In the 1954 World Cup, Sandor emerged as the top scorer of the competition. In recent World Cups it has been so hard for a player to have 9 goals or even 10 goals. For this man it was possible to score 11 goals in the world cup, and we all know that it is so hard to score in the World cup. Sandor astonished the football world of that time by scoring two hat tricks, the 1st being in the match between Hungary and South Korea where Hungary demolished the Koreans by 9-0.


Ferenc bene was a football player who played for Hungary from 1962 until 1979. He played a total of 76 games for Hungary and he scored a total of 36 goals. Bene died in 2006 at the age of 61. He played for Ujpest Dozsa from 1961uo to 1978. After 1978 he played for several clubs before his retirement in 1985. Ferenc Bene played his 1st international match against Yugoslavia in 1962. Bene was a true fighter on the ground, and he will be remembered for years by the Hungarians. One of the greatest events in Hungarian football, which Bene was involved, was the 1964 summer Olympics in Japan. Bene helped the Hungarian Olympic football team to win the gold medal. 

 Photo by:

Apart from the gold medal which his team won, Bene emerged as the top scorer in that competition, where he netted a total of 12 goals, in only 5 matches. It is a very remarkable scoring record so far. Bene made atotal of 417 apperances for Ujpest Dozsa FC and scored a total of 303 goals. He was a talented goal-scorer. Bene also made a historical participation for his national side in the 1966 world cup when he helped Hungary to reach the quarter finals.


Vladmir Koman Junior is a player for the Hungary national team. He is only 24 years old. Vladmir is one of the key players of the Hungarian National team. He actually plays as an attacking midfielder. He currently plays for FC Krasnodar. He joined the Russian side in 2012 from Monaco FC in France. He has already played 26 times for Krasnodar FC. He has scored a single goal so far. 

 Koeman Vladmir. Photo by:

Before joining Monaco, Vladmir played for Sampdoria in Italy where he spent some time in other Italian clubs on loan. Vladmir started to play for the national team in 2010 and he has scored 7 goals in 29 appearances. When he played for the Hungary U-20 team Vladmir won the silver shoe prize in the competition.


Hungary played IN the FIFA world cup of 1954. The team which participated in the world cup was so unique and we can say that it was the golden generation ever for Hungary. Hungary national team scored many goals than any other team which participated in the 1954 world cup. In 17th June 1954 Hungary played against South Korea. The Hungary legend Kocsis scored a hat trick and led his team in demolishing the Koreans by 9-0. The second match was between Hungary and West Germany, and Hungary again did a very huge fight to defeat the Germans by 8-3. Kocsis scored a total of 4 goals in that match against West Germany.

In the quarter finals Hungary played against the winner of Group 1 which was Brazil. Hungary in their motivated spirit defeated Brazil by 4-2. I could expect them to win the world cup if at all I were there. After eliminating Brazil in the quarter finals Hungary had to play with Uruguay in the semi finals. Gain Hungary thrashed Uruguay by 4-2 to get into the final. At that time West Germany played against Austria in another semi final match and West Germany went ahead after 90 minutes to become the winners by a remarkable victory of 6 – 1. The final again was between West Germany and Hungary.

 Hungary did not flow easily to defeat West Germany like they did in their group match. Puskas scored the opener in the 6th minute. Two minutes later Czibor added the second goal. The match looked like it could end that way, but it was too early to conclude in that way. The Germans responded in the 19th minute before scoring the second goal in 18th minute and the killer in the 84th minute. West Germany won the world cup at the cost of Hungary. 


The super cup in Hungary is played every year. The two teams one from the premier league and another from the Cup winners normally meet in the super cup match. Ujpesti TE Fc was the 1st team to win it in 1992 after defeating Ferencvaros by 3-1. 

Debrecen FC has won most super cup trophies than any other team. It has a total of 5 titles, the 1st title being won in 2005.

 Debrecen VS Gyori, Super cup 2013 match

Videoton FC won the two super cups consecutively in the years 2011 and 2012. Videoton has played in 3 consecutive finals from 2010 till 2012. In the 2010 final match Videoton lost the game to Debrecen by 1-0.

Unlike Kispest FC, Gyori is so lucky because they entered in their 1st ever super cup match and they lifted up the trophy. Gyori are the super cup winners for the year 2013. Kispest has so far played 3 super cup matches and did not succeed to win even a single match. 


The Hungarian cup was established in 1909, only 8 years after the establishment of the Hungarian league. About 160 teams compete for the Magyar Cupa. Ferencvarosi TC is the team which has won most titles than any other team in Hungary. Ferencvarosi TC has a total of 20 titles so far. Its first title was in 1913 and the last cup was won in the year 2004.

From 2007 -2013, Debrecen has played a total of 5 final matches of the Hungarian cup, winning 4 of them. In 2007 Debrecen was defeated by 3-1 on penalties after ending 2-2 in regular time when they played against Budapest Honved. In 2013 Debrecen won by 2-1 against FC Gyor. 

The 1st team to win the Hungarian Cup was MTK Budapest in1910. They defeated Budapest TC to win the cup. MTK Budapest won the Hungarian Cup in 3 consecutive years, in 1910, 1911 and 1912.

The 1st ever Hungarian cup trophy for Debrecen was in 1999. Although Debrecen shows good progress in Hungarian football in general, it doesn’t have such a long history on winning the cup as compared to the teams like MTK Budapest. If Debrecen can manage to win the 2 next final matches, in 2 years to come then it will have more trophies than Budapest Honved which has only 7 titles.


Hungary is currently in group D with Holland, Andorra, Estonia, Romania and Turkey. Hungary started its world cup qualification campaign by defeating Andorra 5-0. The match was played in Andorra. The match was played in the Estadi Comunal ground. Five different players scored 1 goal each to get such a massive victory. In 11th September, 2012 Hungary played with Holland in Budapest. Holland won the match by 4-1, whereby Huntelaar of Netherlands scored the 4th goal in the 75th minute. 

In The 3rd match Hungary played against Romania in Budapest. Romania is among the football giants in Eastern Europe. These two teams are neighbours. They know each other in terms of styles, tactics and even the formations. The match ended on a 2-2 draw. Adrian Mutu, the former Chelsea player scored one of the goals.

The 4th Match for Hungary was played away in Estonia. Hungary won the match in Estonia at a victory of 1-0. Andres Oper was the Hungary hero as he netted the only goal of the match in the 57th minute. In October 2012 Hungary played against Turkey in the Ferenc Puskas Stadium in Budapest. Hungary won by 3-1. Vladimir Konan scored the opener for Hungary in31st minute, before Szalai to score in the 50th minute. Gera finished the work by adding a third goal. The only goal for Turkey came in the 22nd minute and was netted in by Mevlut Erdinc.

In 23rd March 2013 the Hungary national team travelled to Istambul to face the Turks. Burak Yilmaz scored an opener in that match. Burak’s goal did not last longer as Bode for Hungary scored an equalizer in just only 7 minutes after the 1st goal. The match remained like that until the final whistle. Only 4 matches are remaining before the end of group stage competitions. Can Hungary pull down Holland at the top and lead the group? Let us wait until after October 15th for who will finish at the top of group D.