Saturday, June 8, 2013


Jesus Navas. Photo by:

1. He scored the only goal to give Spain the victory against Crotia in 
    UEFA euro 2012.

2. He was linked to Chelsea in 2006 but himself said that he is interested more 
    to  play at home(in La Liga).

3. He was called to play for the Spanish national team in November, 2009 by
    Vicente Del Bosque.

4. He has been creating scoring chances for Sevilla by giving skilful passes to 
    the strikers of the team. He has a ver good ball control and ball balance.

5. He played in the senior team for the first time in 2003/2004 season in the 
    match against Espanyol. However Sevilla lost that match at a 1-0 defeat.

6. He scored an equalizer in the match played on March 13, 2011 against 
    Barcelona. The match ended on a 1-1 draw.

7. He played for the 1st time in the Spanish Under 21 squad in September 2004.

8. In the season of 2005/2006 Navas won the UEFA cup. Sevilla 
    played vs Middlesbrough and won the UEFA cup.

Jesus navas with the ball in the match with Italy group C
UEFA Euro June, 2012. Photo;


1. We all know the footballing style of many Spaniards. Can Navas tune differently
     in his new team in the new league?

2. How well is he going to fit in the formations used by the team coach?

3. Is he coming to City for money purposes or to just play football?

4. Is it true that he is moving to City because he would like to work under the 
    coach who knows him well (Pellegrini)?