Tuesday, April 30, 2013



It has been actually hard to play football in Mongolia partly because of a very cold weather almost all year round. The recent development of youth and children training programs in Mongolia stands as a base for future players of the Mongolia national team and domestic football clubs.

 There has been a mutual relationship between Mongolian Football Federation (MFF) and FIFA recently on the training of referees as well as team coaches.

The Mongolia government also has decided to build important infrastructures like football stadiums.

Mongolia National Team (The Blue Wolves)
photo by: www.thepinkdaddy.wordpress.com

Erchim FC in oneof their practice routines. Photo by: http://briggsyjournalism.blogspot.com

Afghanistan vs Mongolia in one of their meetings
Afghanistan won by 1-0.

The Mongolia Football Federation was formed in the year 1959. The history of football in Mongolia is not good or known for the period of1960 till 1998 because there was not any international match from that country. Their first international match was against Japan. The match was played in Manchuria, where Mongolia suffered a defeat of 12-0. From 1930 till 1998 Mongolia did not participate in any world cup qualifier match. This makes it hard for the development of Mongolian football. From 1942 till 2005, the Mongolia national team has won only 3 matches out of 28 international matches, both friendly and official.

Although Mongolian football Federation was established in 1959, it took it 39 years to join FIFA and AFC as a member. In 2002 Mongolia joined the sub-regional association called EAFF( East Asian Football Federation). EAFF was also formed in the same year.

As at 2012, the total number of teams which participated in the Mongolia Premier League were 8. These were as follows: Khoromkhon, (Ulaanbaatar) Erchim, (Ulaanbaatar Power Plant IV), (Ulaanbaatar) Khangarid, (Erdenet) Ulaanbaatar University, (Ulaanbaatar) Selenge Press, (Ulaanbaatar) Ulaanbaataryn Mazaalaynuud, (Ulaanbaatar) FC Ulaanbaatar, (Ulaanbaatar) Khasiin Khulguud, (Bank team), (Ulaanbaatar)