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It has been actually hard to play football in Mongolia partly because of a very cold weather almost all year round. The recent development of youth and children training programs in Mongolia stands as a base for future players of the Mongolia national team and domestic football clubs.

 There has been a mutual relationship between Mongolian Football Federation (MFF) and FIFA recently on the training of referees as well as team coaches.

The Mongolia government also has decided to build important infrastructures like football stadiums.

Mongolia National Team (The Blue Wolves)
photo by: www.thepinkdaddy.wordpress.com

Erchim FC in oneof their practice routines. Photo by: http://briggsyjournalism.blogspot.com

Afghanistan vs Mongolia in one of their meetings
Afghanistan won by 1-0.

The Mongolia Football Federation was formed in the year 1959. The history of football in Mongolia is not good or known for the period of1960 till 1998 because there was not any international match from that country. Their first international match was against Japan. The match was played in Manchuria, where Mongolia suffered a defeat of 12-0. From 1930 till 1998 Mongolia did not participate in any world cup qualifier match. This makes it hard for the development of Mongolian football. From 1942 till 2005, the Mongolia national team has won only 3 matches out of 28 international matches, both friendly and official.

Although Mongolian football Federation was established in 1959, it took it 39 years to join FIFA and AFC as a member. In 2002 Mongolia joined the sub-regional association called EAFF( East Asian Football Federation). EAFF was also formed in the same year.

As at 2012, the total number of teams which participated in the Mongolia Premier League were 8. These were as follows: Khoromkhon, (Ulaanbaatar) Erchim, (Ulaanbaatar Power Plant IV), (Ulaanbaatar) Khangarid, (Erdenet) Ulaanbaatar University, (Ulaanbaatar) Selenge Press, (Ulaanbaatar) Ulaanbaataryn Mazaalaynuud, (Ulaanbaatar) FC Ulaanbaatar, (Ulaanbaatar) Khasiin Khulguud, (Bank team), (Ulaanbaatar)


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This team has been doing well recently. It uses the biggest stadium of all in Germany. It has lifted up the UEFA champions league trophy once in its history since its establishment, and this happened in 1997.
The club logo.

In 1996 the European player of the year Matthias Sammer came from Borrusia Dortmund. In this season the team is in second position on the Bundesliga tables. This is not an easy task like counting one, two,three....as nursery kids.

Borrussia Dortmund current squad
photo by www.ultras-life.net

Borussia Dortmund became winners of Bundesliga for 2011 and 2012 years. This was the wonderful performance for the club.
No wonder that the team's spirit is so high that it was able to thrash out Real Madrid last week on wednesday 24th April.

Mario Gotze has been said to shift at the end of the season to other German side Bayern Munich.
For sure It could be nice for Borussia Dortmund to sell this player to a team which not in Bundesliga because Bayern is their rivals.

Beautiful arrangemnt of viewers in the stadium.
photo by: www.dailymail.co.uk

The record which the club has is so wonderful. It has not been defeated in the champions league up to this moment. If records could always count, Real Mardrid is already out of the Champions league race. This is because the team motivation is so high after winning the Bundesliga for 2 consecutive seasons.

The hardest team to beat in the Bundesliga this season has been Schalke 04. Borussia Dortmund was beaten on both home and away matches by 2-1.

Borussia Dortmund has a total of eight matches with a draw result up to now. Of all these draw results, the one with highest number of score was the one against Eintracht Frankfurt. The result was a 3-3 draw.

Borussia’s success has been through a careful and wise investment on the young players like Mats Hummels, Kevin Grosskreutz, Shinji Kagawa and the midfielder Mario Götze. This young player machinery has been the soid foundation for the 2 titles which they won for the years 2011 and 2012. Nowadays Kagawa plays for Man United.

Borrusia Dortmund vs Manchester City
photo by: www.mirror.co.uk

The defeat of 4-1 against Real should not surprise anyone on my views. This is because Dortmund has been giving even heavier doses to its opponents in the Bundesliga this season.
FC Furth was given a massive defeat of all to be offered by Dortmund so far. They suffered a 1-6 defeat. Imagine this was an away match. Real Madrid has to be watchful with this team. How did it manage to score such a high number of goals in an away game?

Freiburg FC got a very tough lesson after being defeated by 5-1.
Hannover FC suffered a 5-1 defeat last year. This is heavier than what happened to Real Madrid.

Real vs Borrussia Dortmund.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


10 great goals by Lewandowski 

Whether you like or not, R. Lewandowski is a wonderful striker. If it could be possible for people like him to be taken to school, I could propose this striker to take a special Pure Mathematics course. He scores his goals like a genius in the classroom environment. Real Mdrid was astonished by the way Borrussia Dortmund played as a team and used this useful machinery to come out with such excellent results. The world has continued to regard the spanish giants as the super teams ever assembled on the planet. But the opposite is true when we try to consider the 2 German sides after demolishing the 2 expensive squads from spain with  massive punishments. 

No one could believe that such miracles could happen. Bundesliga is superb-there is no doubt. The boys from Germany are so skillful. Let us expect the final of two Germany teams, because these 2 sides from Germany they don't care as to whether they are at home or they are away. They always play their game and that is just like that. Can the Spanish sides recover from their 1st leg defeats to go to the final? Let us wait for the reality on the pitch. 

Lewandowski 4 Real Madrid 0. No discussion. No comment.
Dear Real Madrid, buy this forward. You really need him.

Dictionary authors please include this name Lewandowski in your new vocabularies. If you score such wonderful goals against the richest club in the world , what do you expect? Bravo Lewandowaski. 

Dear top world recognized universities, offer this man a degree of creativity and high scoring capability. He has done something which is rare on the planet. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


  • The Gambia premier league GFA is known as GFA First Division. GFA was officially found in 1969.

  • The league currently consists of 12 teams in total. The last two teams are normally relegated to the GFA second division.

  • Steve Biko is currently on top of the Gambian league table.

  • Brikama United is the only team to have all their last 5 matches with draw results.

  • On the matches played on Saturday 20th April , 2013 Stve Biko played vs Real de Banjul and the result was a goalless draw. GAMTEL was defeated by 2 goals to nil against Armed Forces. Hawks defeated Sea View by 3-2.

  • In last Sunday 21st April, 2013 Young Africans went down by 2-1 when they clashed with Bakau United. On the match between Interior and Brikama United, the result a 1-1 draw. Another goalless draw was between Samger and GPA.

  • Wallidan Banjul is the only team with manytitles in GFA premier with a total of 15 titles. No other team has reached such a record.

  • Last season champion was Real de Banjul.

  • The best scorer in the last season was Modou Njie Sarr who plays for Real de Banjul.

Samger Football Club Squad.

Africell FC squad 

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Ribery's skillful Goal.

It requires confidence and experience to be able to perfectly finish such a goal. It is not easy to score from an impossible angle like the way Ribery did. You have to be skillful. The man is powerful on the pitch and so creative in general. He was there to help Bayern Munich demolish Juventus Turin on both legs of their way to the semi-finals. The Frenchman has a lot to deliver for his team and Les Blues as well.

Thursday, April 18, 2013



1. IT IS THE 5TH TEAM IN ASIA according to recent FIFA rankings.

2. The biggest defeat was in 1958 when it went down by 5-0 with South Korea

3. The player who played a lot of matches in Iran national team is Ali Daei

One of Iran national team squads

4. The current head coach is Carlos Queiroz

5. In 1978, Iran made its first appearance in the World Cup after defeating Australia in Tehran to qualify.

6. Despite failing to qualify for either the 1990 or the 1994 World Cups, it was during this period that a number of quality players burst onto the Iranian football scene, laying the foundation for their second stab at World Cup glory in 1998.

7. Iran is 56th in the world FIFA rankings.

8. Another name for Iran national team is Team Melli

9. Iran qualified 3 times for world cup. (1978, 1998 and 2006)

Iran national team for women

10. Ashkan Dejagah is an Iranian international who plays for fulham in England.

11. Team Melli will complete the qulifiers in June with three consecutive matches on the 4th , 11th and 18th against Qatar in Doha, Lebanon at Azadi and finally Korea in Seoul receptively

12. The team which is at the top of Iran Premier currently is known as Esteghlal.

13. The top scorer in Iran Domestic premier league is Jalal Rafkhael who plays for Malavan FC. He has netted a total of 15 goals.

14. In Iran domestic league a total of 15 penalties have been granted in different league matches.

15. The 1st international friendly match was played against Afghanistan in 1941. The result was a 0 – 0 draw.

16. Iran has won the Asian Cup three consecutive times (1968, 1972, 1976), a championship record to which the team has not been able to add since, although they have finished third four times.

17. The 1st international FIFA tie was against Turkey in May, 1950. Turkey won by 6-1.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


In the world of football there is much to remember.  Oneself can write endless number of books concerning that tournament. As expected, every huge competition like this, so many events remain to be remembered.


1. The 1990 World Cup is widely regarded as one of the poorest World Cups everThis is because that competition  generated a record low goals-per-game. The 19190 FIFA world cup produced an average of just 2.21 and this is a record that is still standing to date.

2. The champions was West Germany National team.

3. 3rd place went to Italy.

Roger Milla celebrating in a spectacular fashion. 
photo by: www.bleacherreport.com.

4. The top scorer was Salvatore Schillaci. He netted a total of 6 goals.

5. Cameroon was the 1st African team to reach the quarter finals.

6. The best player of the FIFA world cup 1990 was the Italian Salvatore Schillaci.  

Beating Argentina in the final is not a joke. This is West Germany mighty team.

7. There were a total of 16 red cards in the tournament

8. The highest number of goals in group stage came from Czechoslovakia and West Germany. Czechoslovakia Beat  United Arab Emirates 5-1, while  Czechoslovakia beat United States of America 5-1

9. Three teams from Europe entered in the semi-finals. These were England, Italy and West Germany.

Mo Johnston of Scotland against Ricardo Gomez of Brazil.
photo by www.fifa.com

Twenty-two years have passed, but Abdulrahman Mohammed distinctly remembers that glorious day in 1989 when the UAE wrested a point from South Korea and qualified for the 1990 World Cup finals.
foto by www.thenational.ae

Milla Beating the defender and putting the ball where it is supposed to be-in the volley.
photo by www.bleacherreport.com.

Diego Maradona chasing among italian players.
photo by www.corbisimages.com.

One of the best ties in the universe. Maradona for Argentina facing Brazillian players
Argentina side won by 1-0. Allow me to call it the planet earth derby.
foto by: www.peelukaa.minus.com

10. The 2nd top goal scorer in 1990 world cup was Tomáš Skuhravý from Czechoslovakia.

11. There were only 4 players with a total of 4 goals. These were Roger Milla, Gary Lineker, Lothar matthaus.

12. In the final match of West Germany versus Argentina, in the 65th minute, Argentina's Pedro Monzon was sent off for a foul on Jürgen Klinsmann. This was the first player ever to be sent off in a World Cup Final.

Yeah! Once again the true indomitable lions of Cameroon.
It was a golden generation ever for Cameroon and Africa.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Fluminense is a very famous Football Club based in Brazil.

The first president of Fluminense FC was Oscar Cox. This man was actually the founder of the club in 1902. It is the first club in Brazil to build and own its own stadium.

Oscar Cox The Fluminense FC founder

The first Fluminense´s uniform was created after the rules´ approval in the Extraordinary General Meeting , which took place in 17th October of 1902.

Made of a white and grey shirt (halft each color), with a shield on the left side of the chest showing the letters FFC in red; white shorts, black socks and grey cap, the uniform was replaced by the tricolor shirt (carmine, white and green), nowadays uniform number 1, in June 15th 1904. Later, the uniform number 2 was created, all white.

Fluminence Flag

The best 5 players who played many games for Fluminense are here below:

1. Castilho 696 matches

2. Pinheiro 604 matches

3. Telê 556 matches

4. Altair 549 matches

5. Escurinho 490 matches

One of the old Fluminense squads as seen from this photo.
pic by www.fluminense.com.br

After signing up 27 players and going through 5 different managers in 2009, Fluminense found itself in a very hard time as they were struggling to avoid another relegation from Série A. This is the team which has tasted the negativities of employing many coaches in a very short time period. 

Because of the worse situation at Fluminense, the then Team Coach, Cuca, made a very tough and rare decision of not utilising experienced players to avoid relegation. Cuca decided to bring youg blood in the team and saved Fluminense from the catastrophe.

Cuca’s decision came out with good fruits because the team advanced  to the final of the Copa Sudamericana.

Fluminense Players standing in solidarity in one of their tournaments

Fluminense has taken part in 36 of the 38 official Serie A championships organized in Brazil since 1971.

Best 5 Team history’s scoring leaders in the club since establishment

1. Valdo 314 goals 403 matches (1954-61)

2. Orlando Pingo de Ouro 188 goals 311 matches (1945-53)

3. Telê 165 goals 556 matches (1951-60)

4. Hércules 164 goals 176 matches (1950-61)

5. Welfare 163 goals 166 matches (1935-42)

Fluminense's trophy winners in 1984.

As expected the team has its most players from Brazil itself. There is only 9.4% of foreign players. One of the foreign players in Fluminense squad is called Monzon Fabian an Argentinean defender. 

Decco on the pitch as he play for Fluminense.

The team won Brazillian championship in 1970,1984 and 2010.

Fluminense also won the Brazilian Cup in 2007.

Fluminense has won a total of 4 out of 6 games played recently. In its last tie against Duque De Caxias the match ended on a 0-0 draw.

Fluminense players in one of their practice sessions.

The club won a total of  9 international ties/titles including the Paris tournament in the year 1976.

Fluminense became the Brazilian champion in 1984. This time, they won the state Championship in three consecutive years of 1983, 1984 and 1985 with much cotribution from such players as Romerito, Ricardo Gomes, Deley, and the "Casal Vinte": Assis and Washington.

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Frank Lampard
pic by www.espnfc.com

Frank Lampard is now 34 years old and looks as he can still play for some years to come. The midfielder is  a vice captain of Chelsea currently. He is well known for his perfect penalty shots. He still play an important international role for his country as well. He has two children currently.

A three-time Chelsea Player of the Year, Lampard is the club's second highest all-time goalscorer with 200 goals in all competitions.
Lampard played for west Ham before coming to Chelsea. He is the only midfielder to score a total of 150 or more goals in premier league history.

Lampard and teammates celebrating in one of their victories
photo by: www.dailyrecords.co.uk

Internationally, Lampard has played for  England 95 times since making his debut in October 1999. This man has scored 28 international goals for England. He was voted England Player of the Year for two consecutive years in 2004 and 2005. He played in Euro 2004, where he was named in the team of the tournament after scoring three goals in four games. He was top scorer for England in their 2006 World Cup qualifying campaign with five goals, and played in the 2006 World Cup.

lampard in one of his international carrier
photo by: www.football.co.uk

 He is England's most prolific penalty taker with nine goals, surpassing the previous record holders, Ron Flowers and Alan Shearer.
Lampard has a total of 3 red cards so far. The number of yellow cards for Lampard is 53 so far. He normally want to fight with all his means for the team. He is creative on the pitch. He produces wonderful assists for his teammates to score.
In his prime, Lampard was the focal point of the Chelsea midfield, with his work-rate, range of passing and goalscoring ability seeing him finish runner-up in the Ballon d'Or and FIFA World Player of the Year awards in 2005.

One of many to emerge from the West Ham Academy, Lampard was signed by Chelsea in 2001 for £11 million. He quickly improved his all-round game to become one of the most consistent players in the top flight and became the top scoring midfielder in the club's history.

maestro Lampard. He is so intelligent in the way he plays.
photo by; www.mirror.co.uk

When given opportunity, Lampard is a perfect finisher. Lampard has already won a total of 3 titles in 544 appearances in all competitions. Since the times of Claudio Ranieri till now with Benitez, Lampard is still an important player for Chelsea.

200th goal agaist Westham. Bravo Lampard
photo by www.news.com.au

Captain John Terry has described Frank Lampard as the best player in Chelsea's history.
Lampard, for the second time in his career, hit four goals in one match against Aston Villa on 27 March 2010 to bring his goal tally past 20, for the fifth consecutive season. This also brought him his 151st Chelsea goal, and it put him as the club's third highest scorer ever, overtaking Peter Osgood's record of 150.


"After I finish I don't want to be involved with football - not as a manager, coach, agent or in the media. I want to have a career after this. I don't want this to be everything .Frank Lampard, August 2010".

Sunday, April 14, 2013


It was a wonderful Sunday to Man City team and fans as the team did all its best to win their tie against Chelsea to reach the FA cup final. Aguero scored the winner after Nasri's 1st goal. It was a nice match. Hope the management of Man City do not regret to have such a players in their squad. Nasri has a lot to give for his team because of his talent and creativity.

Sami Nasri as he oberves the ball into the net after scoring a 
crucial goal against chelsea. Photo by www.telegraph.co.uk

Only quality players konows what to do in the penalt box, so is Nasri. 
Cech is beaten and Nasri scores. Photo by www.talksport.co.uk

Nasri went way from arsenal so that he can be happy. 
photo by mcfc.co.uk

It is a new lifestyle here at Man City. Nasri has come for more success and therefore more happiness. You ca see him as he celebrate together with Tevez.

Beat them. Give them no chance. May be this was the 
message Mancini was giving to Sami Nasri
Photo by Yahoo Sports

All the goals  Chelsea  vs Man City