Thursday, May 23, 2013


Player kit-Photo by:

The kits look good. I like to see England win the world cup in Brazil next year.
They have every reason to qualify and go for the trophy.
They had a foreign coach before Hodgson, but now they have a native manager.

Goal keeper's kit - Photo by:

The powerhouse of Gerrald, Lampard, Wilshere, Ashley cole,
Welbeck and other young blood players is an eviddence that England can do anything.

This  act should give the England players a positive e motivation to win. Players in England have been raised from many good football academies. They have dreamt about football since their childhood. Imagine the generation of people like Joe Cole, Frank Lampard, John Terry when they were being nurtured at West ham football academy. It is like they don’t have anything to blame.  The last friend match against Brazil, England showed that they can do something in this world of football.

Player and Goal keeper.

I think England should revive the fighting spirit which they had during their friendly match against Germany in 2001 where highly motivated England thrashed the Germans by 5-1. In the FIFA World cup 1998 in France the team England played a very fascinating match against Argentina. Where is that fighting spirit which enabled England to play against mighty Argentina with Omar Batistuta, Zanetti, Veron, Ortega, Diego Simeon and others? Is it true that the players don’t fight hard enough to bring glory for their nation?

The generation of Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Ashley Young, Micah Richards, Danny Welbeck, Daniel Sturridge and many more is to me like the golden generation for England. We should expect one major trophy from these players.    

The other problem with the English National team is the fact that
it is mostly made up of domestic players. A mix of domestic and those who play in other leagues could be helpful because  in such a way,
we can get a mixture of different skills from different leagues.
Joe Cole played in France, Joaey Borton still in France.
Jermain Pennant in Spain. Owen and Beckam played at Real Madrid.

The FA should think of exporting youngsters to other countries as a
long term investment to get the desired results. It can be in the form of policy in short and long term plan. Other nations are excelling because they haave their players in diferent parts of the world , for example, Brazil.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Dar es Salaam Young Africans is a football club based in Jangwani street near the busiest street of all in Dar called Kariakoo. The other name for the team is Yanga. This club was established in 1935. Its first trophy was won in the year 1968.

Dar es Salaam Young Africans FC Logo

Up to now the club has won a total of 24 league trophies. The team does not have a very good record in African tournaments as compared to their arch-rivals Simba Sports Club.

Young Africans have already won this season's championship. They have a last match to be played on 18th May against their arch-rivals Simba. The team has gone for a camp for the preparation against Simba.

The view of Yanga Headquarters. 
Photo by:

Almost everyone in Tanzania supports either Simba or Yanga. The meeting between these 2 teams brings millions of Tanzanian shillings as entrance fees.

Yanga went to salute the Tanzania Parliament after winning the
CECAFA cup in 2012. Also in the picture, Team coach and some 
Yanga Administrators. Photo by:

The turn up of supporters is normally higher than any other tie in Tanzania. although Yanga has already taken the cup, it wont take the match so lightly.

Athuman Idd, one of the best midfield players in Yanga history.
His passes resembles those straight lines drawn by a smooth ruler.
Photo by:

The midfield of Yanga consists of such players like Athuman Idd, Haruna Niyonzima, Nizar Khalfan, Rehani Kibindu, Omega Seme and Frank Domayo.

Haruna Niyonzima-Yanga midfielder from Rwanda.
He is nicknamed Fabregas, because of his accurate passes.
In a single game Niyonzima can create an average of 150 - 180 passes. 

In this season Yanga won all its matches except the match against Kagera sugar where they lost by a goal to nil, and a match against Mtibwa Sugar where Yanga lost by 3-0.

Nonda Shaaban played for Yanga before he went in South Africa, and then to Monaco in France.

A lot of views and comments from different supporters reveal that the tie between Simba and Yanga is always covered with over-expectations from both players and supporters. These extraordinary expectations have brought out unpleasant game to be observed by the fans on the pitch. Fans wants to see good skills, wonderful football and other things which will satisfy them. sometimes it is so hard to fulfil the wants of football fans. Whatever the case, people wants to see good game. When they have bought the tickets, they expect a reward in terms of skilled and entertaining football.

Said Bahanuzi in yellow jersey no. 11 is one of Yanga young talented striker.
He scored a total of 6 goals in CECAFA Cup 2012 to help Yanga lift the trophy.
Photo by:

Said Bahanuzi trying to pass through when Yanga played 
with APR Rwanda. Bahanuzi scored all goals to give Yanga a 2-0 victory.
Photo by:

Just like their arch-rivals Simba, Yanga is always blamed by soccer fans because of their trend of employing a new coach almost every season. This normally happens if Yanga don't win the Vodacom premier league. Other fans have been optimistic on the idea of employing foreign coaches. They think that it is high time now for Yanga to trust the native soccer managers.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


The goals. Chelsea vs Benfica

The UEFA Cup final is over and Chelsea have won it. Benfica was playing so nicely with good passes but lacked perfect finishing tactics. Nemanja  Matic and Cardozo Oscar matched very well assisted by the good services of Rodrigo the spanniard. In the first half Benfica played with the ball many times as compared to their opponents from London. The deadlock came from Fernando Torres only 14 minutes from half time. Torres goal reminds me a goal he scored against Germany in UEFA Euro 2008. He passed through the last defender, only to find the goalkeeper before dashing once and keep the ball in the net.

Chesea players celebrating after 
scoring a goal. (photo

In the 67th minute Benfica had the penalt which was caused  by Cesar Azpilicueta. Cardozo took it and converted it into the equalizer. The game stayed  1-1 until 92nd minute where Ivanovic heads the ball into the volley to make it 2-1. Lampard sent a second strike in the 88th minute to benfica's goal and it hit the upper part of the goal. The match looked like it could go to extra time before 92nd minute, but Branislav Ivanovic denied for such thing to happen.

The Amsterdam arena which hosted Chelsea and Benfica final match
photo by

After lifting the UEFA champions league last year in Munich, Chelsea has managed to lift the Europa cup. May be this may convince Abrahmovic to stop thinking of finding another manager, while Benitez is already doing very well.

Final whistle has concluded the victory of 2-1 in favour of Chelsea.


Zanetti's Goal

Javier Zanetti, an Argentinian International player at inter Milan, is one of the long serving player at FC Inter. You can see the wonderful job he is doing in the pitch. It is not surprising that this man scored a second wonderful goal when FC Inter played against Seongnan, in December 16, 2010.

 This goal came from a wonderful passing pattern played by Inter Milan  Some few passes were played from the left, and then after some seconds, the ball was again shifted to the right side. The opponents looked like they went away for a rest because the ball was moving among FC Inter players for so long thus giving them the possibility to play their pattern without much trouble from Seongnan team players. 

A wonderful killer pass given to Zanetti on the right hand side, was the telling ball with a scoring power. Zanetti decided quickly to score and it was a nice volley. The age is not an obstacle for the determined Zanetti. You can see him playing hard just like some 20 or 22 years old players. His efforts, skills and motivated spirit makes him a wonderful captain, and no wonder under his leadership, all the players are united and come out with desirable results.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Sir Alex Ferguson

IT IS NEARLY confirmed that Sir Alex Ferguson will be replaced by David Moyes, Everton FC boss. There was a list of some prominent managers speculated to replace Fergie at Man U.
Some proposed Jose Mourinho, Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville and the current Borrusia Dortmund Coach.

On my side David Moyes is not the correct man there. I think Jose could be given the shoes of Sir Alex for the betterment of the team.

 One of Sir Alex happy moments.

Other people see Mourinho as unfit for the position because he has a tendency of shifting among different clubs after some few years. He started at FC Porto,
then Chelsea FC, then Inter Milan, and eventually at Real Madrid.

I think it is time for the management and the Board of Man U to think of a different tradition of coaching the team. They should not concentrate on looking for the coach who will be at Man U for  10 or 15 or 26 years like Fergie.

They should read the signs of the times. It is better they take Mourinho for immediate results and trophies. If he goes after 4  or 3 years they should evaluate the
decision of taking him as a team coach by the total number  of trophies he has taken.

It is not easy to get a man like Fergie. Fergie was a very strong and conservative Team coach. He knows how to analyse the situation before the match and react accordingly. No wonder in 26 years has a lot of success.

Take Mourinho, then Hiddink then Rijkaard, then Guardiola. These people will bring glory at Man United. These people  are approximately same as Mourinho in that after they have brought trophies, they quit.

Giggs, Neville, Ole Gunnar are nice managers but experience matters a lot when it comes to winning trophies. These people should start coaching Getafe or Nantes or FC Cologne or West Ham or even Boavista to gain experience before they are given
bigger roles like coaching Man U.