Monday, June 10, 2013


Money, money can buy. Football stars but not trophies. If you look at Barcelona squad, you will get surprised if the team is still hunting for more new stars while it is already a competitive team in Europe. Their football style is not easy to conquer. This can be revealed by the fact that in this season barca have been defeated by Bayern Munich and AC Milan. Though it lost some games in La Liga, you can see that their heavy defeat was against Bayern Munich.
Neymar in Barcelona kit.
Their footballing style has been learnt by some opponent teams. It seems that Barcelona lacks plan B when it comes to the formation they have been using. Playing the same style might be profitable for them because it makes them more united and playing together as a mighty army but for the opponents, it might be a way to track all your patterns and block you with your style. Barca need to be cleverer on the formation they are using especially in European competitions.

 Neymar has come. Alexis Sanches is there. David Villa is still in the squad. It sounds good if Neymar will play together with Iniesta, Xavi, Messi Mascherano and Dani Alves. Which formation will accommodate all these stars to bring up victory when they play on the pitch? It seems Villa could leave, Sanches also wants to leave, but for me I think the present squad is good enough for the next season challenges, even without Neymar. Sometimes we don’t need stars to bring trophies. If we have managers with a variety of techniques, then that could be an asset. See that even Borrusia Dortmund squad which played in this season’s champion league was not as expensive as compared to the price of Christiano Ronaldo alone.
Having stars don’t always mean everything in football. Look at Atletico Madrid, their squad is not that much expensive, but it overthrew Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey final. This manner of overspending in buying players might cost Barca if they are not careful. In Zidane, Ronaldo de Lima, Owen, Beckham, Raul era, Madrid thought it will conquer Europe but it was not possible even today. Such expensive squad as Real Madrid should not be ending in semi-finals during champion league competitions. Hope Neymar comes with fortunes at Nou camp. Let us wait for what will happen.