Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Azam has been sent off from CAF competition at the club level after losing the 2nd leg game against Ferroviaro de Beira FC in Mozambique. The game was played on Sunday 16th February. The match ended on a 2-0 defeat. The main cause of the defeat as claimed by the players was the rainy weather. It was raining on the match day and the pitch was full of water and mud. Azam players are used to play on a smart pitch like the one at chamazi complex in Dar es Salaam. The 1st goal was scored in the 1st half while the second was netted in the 2nd half.

In the 1st leg match, Azam won by 1-0. The goal was netted in by the Ivorian striker Kipre Tchetche in the 41st minute of the 1st half. Brian Umony from Uganda made a killer pass for Kipre and he kicked the ball in a spectacular fashion to keep Azam FC ahead in the 1st half. The second half did not give any more scoring possibility for Azam. Ferroviaro tried to play good and skilful passes but Azam defenders were firm enough to withstand all the pressure on their goal. The pictures below are all testifying the 1st leg action.

Ferroviaro preparing to take the free-kick in the 1st half.

One of Ferroviaro player under first aid.

Azam fans cheering and dancing for their team.

Monday, February 17, 2014


It was one of the challenging matches played in this second season of Vodacom Premier League so far. Simba was playing Mbeya City on an away match which was so fascinating. You can't imagine a team which is participating in the premier league for the 1st time with almost 85% of the players playing for the 1st time in the league, playing with such enthusiasm and determination. 

One of Mbeya City fan imitating to shoot the Lion.
Simba means Lion. Photo by www.matukiodaima.com.

Mbeya City as they pray before the match.
Photo by: www.fullshangweblog.com

Mbeya City FC as they warm up before the match.
Photo by: jamiiforums.com.

Simba FC players as they listen to their Coach Logarusic from Serbia.
Photo by: www.ippmedia.com.

The Sokoine Memorial Stadium was flooded with local spectators of Mbeya City FC. There were about 100 Simba fans only. The midfielders of both teams were fighting so hard to contain the game for their sides. Ramadhani S ingano who is in form this season played very well almost all the time before being replaced in the 2nd half. The game was eagerly awaited by many soccer fans in all over Tanzania. It was a rare opportunity for Mbeya City to stay at the top of the league tables. Unfortunately Simba denied the chance. The 1st goal was netted by Deogratius Julius via a penalty shot in around 14th minute of the 1st half.

 Simba tried to contain the game with some accurate passes made by William Lucian, Henry Joseph, Ramadhani Singano, Amri Kiemba and Haruna Chanongo but Mbeya City players were watchful for every ball which came on their sight. Lack of communication between Mbeya City players especially in the 2nd half denied them an opportunity to double their win. Donald Musoti and Owino made a very good defending job for Simba FC. At the end of the 90th minute the score remained 1-1 for both teams. After this game Mbeya City remain at the 3rd position with 35 points just like Yanga FC which has also 35 points. Simba FC remains at the 4th position with 32 points.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014



The Ghanaian international goal keeper Yaw Berko has not yet started to play for Simba Sports club in any official match. This is because he has not yet received an international transfer certificate from Ghana. The Simba Sports Club administration is still working n the issue to make sure that Berko plays for the team. This has given an opportunity for another new goalkeeper Ivo Mapunda who once played for Gor Mahia in Kenya.


Mbeya City football club lost their game against Yanga FC on Sunday ferbruary 2nd. Mbeya City was defeated by a goal to nil. The goal scorer was Mrisho Ngasa in the 16th minute. The goal came in following the loose ball which was rescued by Mbeya City defender Yusuph Abdallah. The team coach of Mbeya FC Juma Mwambusi has said that the red card which was given to Steven Mazanda in the early minutes of the second half cost the team so highly. Even though one player went off, Mbeya City continued to attack their opponents as if they were all 11 players.


Simba Sports club continued with the fight for the trophy in a spectacular fashion when they thrashed JKT Oljoro by 4 goals to nil. In that match the defenders of JKT Oljoro did many mistakes which gave the opportunity for Simba to defeat them several times. The Burundi Striker Amiss Tambwe had a feast of goals o Saturday. Tambwe scored a hat trick. One more goal was netted in by Simba youngster Jonas Mkude by a tremendous strike from a distance of about 20meters from the goal. After that match Simba has a total of 30 points and on the 4th position just behind Mbeya City FC.


After scoring a hat trick Tambwe has advised the team coach to always include Ramadhani Singano “messi” in all games as this will make him score many goals. “Messi knows where I am and which passes are suitable to me”. In the victory of 4 goals against JKT Oljoro, Singano made 2 of them. The Burundi striker appreciates the service he is getting from the youngster. During Mapinduzi Cup in January Messi played very well to take Simba in the finals with KCC, where Simba lost the final match by 1-0.


Azam FC has extended the lead to remain at the top on the league tables after defeating Kagera Sugar by 4-0. In the first season Azam was at the 2nd position in most of time while the 1st position was held by Yanga FC. This win means that for the 1st time we are likely to get the brand new champions of the Tanzania premier league. For years now the league has been dominated by Simba and Yanga. In1980’s there were teams like PAN African FC, Pamba FC, and Tukuyu Stars FC. Those were the only teams to challenge a two-team dominance of Simba na Yanga. Now we have Azam FC, and Mbeya FC and there is a new test in the games between those teams and Simba or Yanga.


Ashanti FC team coach Mr. Abdallah Kibaden wishes TFF could allow him t use U-20 players. Kibaden likes to use the formation of 4-4-2 and he says that he can easily fix the tactic to the young players as opposed to the veterans. He has some few experienced players in the team like Mohammed Banka and Victor Costa. The other experienced player is Said mauled who went to play in Angola from 2009 – 2012 before coming back to Tanzania. Kibaden dreams of having about 20 players who will be under 20 and some 5 players who will be above 20 but with experience in football.

Monday, February 3, 2014


Football fans in Dar es Salaam were eagerly waiting for the huge tie between Yanga and Mbeya City FC. The match was ultimately played on February 2nd 2014. It was a sunny Sunday. Yanga played with great caution in the first 25 minutes and they got a goal in the 15th minuted. Mrisho Ngasa scored the decider. In the second half one of the key player for Mbeya City was given a red card after catching the ball with hands to resist a free kick from one of Yanga players. The Yanga FC fans came in multitudes to witness their team. This match marked an end for Mbeya City record of being undefeated since last year when the league started.

In the second half Yanga seemed to relax after one player of Mbeya City went out. Mbeya City players kept attacking Yanga upfront there despite the fact that they were fewer than their opponents. Mbeya City for sure is a well prepared team. In the 1st half they created not less than 4 chances but they were unable to convert even a single chance into a goal.

I have decided to show you the photos below before the match during and after the match.

Mbeya City players entering on the pitch for warm up.

Mbeya City as they continued with warm up.

Mbeya City warm up, running, stretching.........

They gather to hear the fitness coach.

Warm up on after getting instructions from the fitness coach.

The pitch before the match started