Saturday, December 29, 2012


DPRK football team participated for the 1st time in the 2010 world cup in South Africa, since it did like that in the year 1966. The Team coach of the DPRK squad was punished because of poor results in the tournament. The players were punished by the government of DPRK as well. This is astonishing but it is  a fact and it happened. The team coach was forced to become the builder while the players were forced to work in the mines. Perhaps this will serve as a motivation to ply so hard next time they participate in such great tournament. Is such a treatment humanly? This DPRK government looks so strict on sports matters especially in football world cup.

The DPRK squad in 2010 world cup in South Africa

North Korea surprised with a good showing at their World Cup debut, reaching the quarter-finals in 1966, beating Italy in the group stage.
In the past DPRK players in all games together with their coaches were sent to prison if they didn’t get so called better results. The team coach apart from being forced to become a builder, was also expelled out of the Worker’s Party.

DPRK kits

In the AFC Asian Cup in January 2011 The DPRK team were defeated by Iran 1-0, then again defeated by Iraq 1-0 again. When it played against UAE the results were a goalless draw.
The North Korea team was the first Asian team to progress beyond the first round of the World Cup finals
In the 4 international friendly matches from January 2011 till june 2011 DPRK team won only one match. This was between DPRK and Bahrain. DPRK team won by 1-0. When it played with China and Iraq it wasdefeated. With China the result was 2-0 on favour of the Chinese team. With Iraq DPRK was defeated by 2 goals to nil. The only 1-1 draw was in the clash between DPRK and Jordan.
The North Koreans won 7 and drew 3 in the 2012 season, making it the most successful year in its football history.

DPRK team in one of their practice sessions.

In April 2012 AFC Challenge Cup qualification, the DPRK team came out with a very nice score sheet. It won its match against Sri Lanka by 4-0. It then won its game with Nepal by 1-0. DPRK won its game with Afghanistan by 2-0. These were very good results compared to 2010 world cup matches. Was the punishment given to them after 2010 bad performance a motivation factor?

DPRK vs Brazil in 2010 world cup

The biggest win ever up to now in DPRK matches was the match against Guam. The  match was played in March 11, 2005 in Taipei, Taiwan. The result was 21-0 on favour of DPRK team. The biggest defeat is the one happened when the team played with Portugal- June 21, 2010 in 2010 World cup.

The current DPRK squad consists of 4 players who play their football outside DPRK. One in FC Basel in Switzerland, one in Kashiwa Reysol  in Japan, and 2 of them in Muang Thong united in Thailand.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Real Betis is a spanish club which participates in the Spanish premier known as La Liga. The club was found in 1907 under the influence of the roman empire. It is believed to be the first club in spain to be given the name of Real before its name Beatis. In that way it means Real Betis was the 1st team to be known and recognized by the king of Spain. This was in the days of King Alfonso XIII.

Betis has so far only one La liga title and that was in the season of 1934/35.

The team has also only 2 titles of the King's cup up to now.

Real Betis currently has a mix of home as well as international players. Among them is Nosa Igiebor from Nigeria.

The team is currently in the 5th position in the league table with 28 points ahead of Levante.

Ruben Castro with Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid

New Kits for Real Betis this season.

Antonio Amaya as he clears the ball away from Real Madrid Players

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Xavi is called the architect. I think the world have seen one of very intelligent midfielders of which Xavi is among them. Xavi can play with the ball individually, and you can relax completely from your busy schedules if you sit besides your TV watching this man.

When it comes to passing Xavi is a danger. Meet with a Lion in Serengeti but not Xavi in his form. When he plays with Iniesta then you should expect a Tsunami of wonderful passes, scoring  opportunities and entertainment. It is just like he has eyes on his legs. Wow, he is talented. Glory be to the Almighty for creating such a wonderful man.

Xavi as he controls the ball in air.

 During Frank Rijkaard's era at Barcelona, Xavi played with other skilled players like Mark Van Bommel and Ronaldinho Gaucho. When Ronaldinho left the club, Xavi and Iniesta dominated the midfield role of Barcelona. Xavi links very well with Iniesta in creating scoring opportunities for the team. FC Barcelona have another youngster Thiago Alcantara. Thiago would be a substitute for Xavi when he retires.


I admire this man. He is determined. . He is conservative. Sir Alex knows what he wants in many competitions when Manchester united play. He is a top quality coach. The older he becomes, the more valuable he is. He does not spend a lot of money like Real Madrid. He knows how to spot a not well known player and nurtures him to the peak of his performance. Players like David Beckham, Ryan Giggs are very good examples of what I say. The man knows how to make players like Paul Scholes play till this time. I really appreciate Fergie.

Sir Alex Ferguson lifting one of the trophies.

What are your views?

Monday, December 10, 2012


France tried hard to win the world cup in 1998. They fought so hard in euro 2000 and won the title. In 2002 world cup were eliminated in earlier stages. In 2006 world cup they came up very well all the way to the final, and were defeated by the Italy side. Currently things are not so good on their side. Can they try to come up and win some trophies again? What are your views?

Ribery in one of his national career match with spain