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Once again, welcome at our blog site. This is your arena, your platform, your home. We talk about football as if it is the only important activity in the universe. We think football and talk about it in comments, in widgets, and in posts. 

Your visit at our site is so important as without you, this site is a useless thing, while on our side, it will just be a waste of time. We will appreciate if at all you get an opportunity to comment on any post you think is interesting to you.

In our site you can enjoy a variety of football information from team coaches to players to various competitions. We also have some news on club football, national teams and with time we are also planning to include women football news.

This blog is not biased to a certain league or country or continent. It simply flows freely all over the world to give you football analyses.

The nextscore team would like to warmly welcome you. Be blessed.