Thursday, May 28, 2015


Simon Msuva. Photo by:

For about two seasons we have seen the top scorer who is not a native player. In 2012/2013 we had Kipre Tchetche from Ivory Coast as the top scorer. In 2013/2014 season we had another player called Amiss Tambwe from Burundi who scored a total of 19 goals in that season. In the current finished season we have a native player Simon Msuva as a top scorer. He has helped Yanga FC to win the trophy this season. 

This might be a revolution in Tanzanian football because we have a permanent problem of creative strikers who knows how to make things happen near or far from the goal. We have many native strikers who don't have desired skills in front of the goal.

Simon Msuva have assisted many goals for his team this season and he worked very hard in the right wing. He knows how to position himself in the penalty box and he can see where is another temmate so he can give a killer pass to him. His creativity made him go for trials in South Africa with one of PSL club Bidvest University FC.

We can expect many good goals in the next season from Him.

Msuva in between Ngassa on left and Niyonzima on the right hand side.
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Thursday, April 23, 2015


It was another time to play with PSG after a week in France. This time PSG enjoyed the presence of Zlatan and Verratti who missed the 1st leg in France. The game started with a lot of pressure from PSG to try to reach Barca's final 3rd, but Barcelona continued to deny them even a chance to make any shot on target for the whole period of 1st half. Imagine a possession of 45% against 55% of Barcelona, and this means that Barca still dominated a game more than PSG. 

At half time Barca had 4 shots on target while PSG did'nt have any. Neymar's goals in the 1st half marked a clean sheet of Barcelona and PSG was pushed out of UCL this season. The presence of Zlatan Ibrahimovic did not rescue PSG. PSG will have to try the next time if at all they want to win the UCL trophy. 

But will Barcelona reach the final?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Tonight Bayern Munich will have to play a very hard game against FC Porto. FC Porto is not among the favourite teams to take UCL trophy but it is a very well organized team. They normally spend less on players and they shape them well to sell them to big teams after some years. The youth system at FC Porto is one of the best in Europe. Imagine the players like Quaresma and Martinez, without forgetting Yacine Brahimi all of them at their best level. 

The absence of Ribery and Robben marks a very difficult time at Bayern in general. thiago Alcantara is back after a very long time in injuries but he is not yet back to his highest performance. Thanks to the away goal which was scored by Alcantara, only to find that there is a huge mountain to level and qualify. Pep will have to solve this challenging homework this night if Bayern has to qualify.

FC Porto squad: Photo by:

FC Bayern Squad which played Porto. Photo By

Jackson Martinez rounds Neur to score

Quaresmaaaaaaa.....Goaaaaaaal. Photo by

Quaresmaaaaaaa.....Goaaaaaaal. Photo by

Can Guardiola push out Porto?

Saturday, April 18, 2015


Manchester United is on fire. The reds have seriously overwhelmed their rivals Man City for a total of 4 goals by 2. They have outweighed Man City in a very special way. No one could believe so easily that Man City was so struggling to contain the game at Old Trafford. Smalling was in his form during the game. Juan Mata continued to prove that he deserves to appear regularly in the squad. Yaya Toure did not manage the pressure brought by Man United mid-fielders. The combination of Ander Herrera, Valencia, Rooney, Mata and Young was very strong and ambitious. Eliaquim Mangala was just like a spectator without contributing anything useful for Man City. Chris Smalling finished a book of goals for the match to make it 4-2. Man City will soon struggle to remain in top four teams if they don't change their footballing style.


Nizar Khalfan is currently a Yanga FC midfielder. He played with success in about last 7 years of his carrier. he started to be known when he played for Mtibwa Sugar FC. at times he was able to move outside Tanzania to look for more success and exposure. He has played in some teams in Kuwait before going to America where he joined the Canadian side Vancouver White Caps FC. After staying for some time(estimated to be less than 2 years) he returned home and joined Yanga FC. 

Nizar in Yanga jersey.

Being a very good player, he is facing a serious challenge of getting regular appearances in the team. At times he was facing serious and frequent injuries. He has been continuously being out of the 1st 18 players. He is just underutilized. With the presence of some new players life for him is not easy at Yanga FC. He should probably try to find another team where he can get time to play and show his talent.

Nizar when Yanga played Tusker FC from Kenya in Dec. 2012

Nizar for Taifa Stars when Tanzania played Morrocco

Nizar for Vancouver Whitecaps against Makubuya of Toronto FC.

Nizar vs Ballotelli


Friday, April 17, 2015


Levante hosted Espanyol on April 17th, 2015. Being at their home ground the expectations were so high because they know how important it is for them to win. It was in the 18th position before the Friday game. After the match is over Levante has jumped into the 16th position. The match has just ended some few hours ago. To remain at that position Levante has to wait for other teams to play on saturday.

Lucas Vasquez scored an opener for Espanyol in the 18th minute. This could have created a lot of pressure for the hosts as well as frustrations. To make sure they come back into business Simao equalized after an assist from Nabil El Zhar. Again at  the end of the 1st half Espanyol added another goal to make it 2-1. Victor who came in to replace Nabil in the 74th minute, rescued Levante from loosing another match after he scored an equalizer in the 87th minute. Final result was 2-2.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Barcelona seems not to play their tiki-taka style as it happened to be during Guardiola's era. They have modified their footballing style. once they go to the half of the opponents, you can see some short passes mixed with some quick long passes. May be that is the reason PSG was not able to withstand the pressure from the catalans. 

An opener volley from Neymar marked a good start of their 3-1 victory. Suarez showed to us as to why Barca bought him from Liverpool.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


In their 1st match against Senegal, in January 19th 2015, Ghana seemed to play well only in the first half. In the second half Senegal looked more determine than Ghana. There was a mentality of remaining behind to wait for the Senegalese to come and attack them. This provided Senegal with Many options to penetrate the Ghanaian defence. The kind of football played by Ghana in the 2nd half was counter attack minded. It was a quiet different Ghana as compared to the other previous years squads.

Ghana-Senegal in action. Photo:

Ghana normally play a possession football which is attack minded. Remaining behind to defend the 1-0 victory cost Ghana a lot. After many attacks Senegal equalized. Ghana was tempted to come in front to try to top up the score, but Senegal was very intact and played cautiously in their defence. At last the substitute player Sow, gave Senegal a winner in the last minutes. Surely Ghana will have to improve their footballing style to win the AFCON 2015.