Thursday, July 10, 2014


Argentina, Argentina, Argentina. Yes, Argentina has won on penalties. A 4-2 victory ended up the oranje race to the final. At last the dream of Argentina to play in this year’s final has come to a reality. the story went over after a goal-less draw in 120 minutes time. The Oranje played very well but did not manage to see the net at all. Robin Van Persie was not in his normal form we are used to see. 

The Argentinian defence blocked all the balls from reaching Van Persie. He was so lonely in front. The Argentinian defence also managed to block all those harmful dribbling from Arjen Robben.  They only lacked the normal play making from Lionel Messi as he normally play at Barcelona.

Robben neary scored in the extra time but Mascherano denied him the opportunity. Although he did not shine as when he plays for Barcelona, Messi made an impact by his presence on the game. Van Persie was replaced by Huntelaar to try to have another attacking alternative for the oranje but Argentinian defence was very keen to stop their opponents. Both teams defended very well and no wonder they ended up with a 0-0 draw. We expected Krul to replace the number 1 keeper before the end of extra time, but this did not happen.

Robben under a very close supervision

Robben stopped by Argentinian defender.

Janmaat denies Higuain from making a header.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Robben: pic by:

Today we are going to watch the other two famous football giants on the globe. Argentina will be facing Holland. Thisis a second match after the 1st one which ended with a very wonderful outcomes. No one expected Germany to get a very massive win of 7-0. Almost all who witnessed that match observed a clear effect of the absence of Neymar as well as Thiago Silva.

Argentina will try to play without Angel Di Maria who was injured in the quarter final game against Belgium. Di Maria has had a very promising record of creating good passes in this world cup. It is very common for the team managers to find replacements of key players once they are not available. If the replaced player plays well no problem, but if that player will play under the expected performance, it always cost the team. Holland will play as usual, with Robben and Sneijder upfront. Argentina will be having Messi, Mascerano and Higuain. It gonna be a very fascinating match.

Messi. pic:

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Germany squad

Brazil is facing a very huge task tonight against Germany in the first semi-final match. There is no much damage on the German side as we can see that Mats Hummel is back in business. There is a home advantage when it comes to Brazil. They will play at home and  will be backed up by multitudes of home fans. The Selecao might try to utilize this home advantage.

This is Neymar-less Selecao. Thiago Silva also will be missing. On my side Brazil has many players on the bench to cover the place of those 2 key players. The problem which Scolari will be facing is to have a plan B which will accommodate another player in the absence of Naymar. Thiago Silva is a very crucial player on the defence. Dante can replace him, but Silva is more committed and more potential than Dante.

For the Germans, it is more than enough to play in the semi-finals for some years now. They are likely to be motivated to play so hard to move to the final. Let us wait and see if Brazil can win this game, but I don't underestimate the German Soldiers.

Brazil squad. Pic by:

Saturday, July 5, 2014


The quarter finals opened with the 2 European giants meeting in Maracana. Maracana is as big as the match itself. Think of the Germans at their form and also think of France who sank the Super Eagles in their game at the round of 16. It was another tough test for The Blues. The Germans did a very outstanding job in the midfield. Bastian Schwenstiger, Philip Lahm, Mats Hummel were all working together to block the Blues from attacking.

The Germans played with great cautions in their defence. Some times they blocked all dangerous balls from Valbuena from reaching Benzema. Antoinne Griezman was under a very close football policemen namely Metersacker and Jerome.

The Germans played so strategically in their game against France. They understood that winning is the only option better than France. They tried to press ahead in the 1st half as much as they could. Remember the Germans are very tall as compared by the Frenchmen. Klose took a free-kick and luckily enoughHummel was available to connect it to the net. Remember that this shot on the goal of France was the 1st which was on target, and it made all the difference. The Germans dominated much of the 1st half by 59% possession, and this showed that they just needed to win and maximize their victory in the 1st half before their opponents can do any harm.

France could really use the 2nd half for a revenge because the Germans played much defensive game in the second half, with only 40% possession. It seems that France lacked a creative plan B to see the Germany net as they continued to attack but no goal was conceded. This Ribery-less France lacked a person who can dictate the game and bring a significant change on the pitch. Bon Voyage France, but we all appreciate the way you have played in group stage and in the round of 16.

Friday, July 4, 2014


The Selecao has played a very tough game against another South America underdog. The absence of Radamel Falcao was well substituted by Juan Quadrado and James Rodriguez. Colombia were playing a very quick passing football but Brazil defenders were extra careful to clear all dangers on their goal. The 1st goal came in the 7th minute from a corner kick. The ball was uncleared by the Colombian defence and Thiago Silva kicked it in the net.

The 1st half ended with 1-0 win in favour of the Brazilians. Brazil destructed the attacking moves of the Colombian side for all of the 1st half. Colombia seemed to have no plan B because they almost didn't change their attacking style even in the 2nd half. Several times the Colombian team preferred to play individually and this made some breakthrough for the Selecao.

Neymar took the 2 free kicks but none went in the goal. It has been a very tough moment for Colombia to play in Fortaleza with the stadium full of Brazilian fans. The yellow T-shirts dominated the stadium. David Luiz made a crucial goal out of a free kick. This really ended the hopes of the Colombians to go through. Few minutes before the match ended, Colombia got a penalt spot and James Rodriguez took it successfully to make the only goal for Colombia. The match ended at a 2-1 score, and Brazil will face Germany in the semi-finals.

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Algeria national team played a very impressive game against South Korea in this summer world cup in Brazil. After loosing their game to Belgium, they seemed to be determined for victory, and they showed a very good attack minded game. Their game against South Korea was such a very nice one to watch.

For the Desert foxes, team work and team spirit was crucial. They managed to end up the first 45 minutes with a very promising lead of 3 goals. The South Koreans were suffering to resist the quick footballing style from the Algerians without much success.

The 1st goal came in the 26th minute of the game and was netted by Islam Slimani. Most goals came from a quick ball possession and wonderful running which awarded their team with a 3-0 victory in the 1st half.

The South Korean team tried to revenge in the second half after scoring their 1st goal in the 50th minute. After 90 minutes it was the Desert Foxes who emerged with a 4 - 2 win. Algeria has been the only African team to score 4 goals in this world cup. In their form, Algerians could even defeat Brazil. They are so quick and accurate when they go for an attack. After losing their game to Germany it might be the starting point for building another strong team for other championships. I predict that Algeria may win the coming AFCON if they continue to play with such a higher level of tactical discipline.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Nigeria was determined to reach the quarter finals for the 1st time in the world-cup history. This was not possible on monday as they stumbled ahead of France "The Blues". Here are a number of things as to why they did not manage to go through.

Several times when the ball was on Nigeria territory, the players did not play with any favourable speed. This is a disadvantage on their side because France was eager to play so quick for each ball they got towards Nigeria.


Several times the Nigerian midfielder seemed to loose balls. There are some ocassions where Mikel was so slow to decide on where to take the ball. Some times France midfielders and defenders took the ball away from Mikel's legs.


The key player in the midfield of the Super eagles, Onazi was seriously injurred n the 58th minute or so. This happened from a clash with Blaise Matuidi. This made another Nigerian player Gabriel to take his place. On my side Onazi was more helpful in the midfield than Gabriel. The Super Eagles Mid-field was so vulnerable after Onazi went out. This made a little easier dynamics from Valbuena, Pogba and Matuidi towards Nigeria's goal. No wonder Pogba scored in the 79th minute.

Onazi injurred by Matuidi. Photo by:


The Nigerians were not properly prepared to defend the corner in the 79th minute. Pogba was able to jump so high and kick the ball with such a soft curved header directly into the Super Eagles net. Surprisingly in the Nigerians goal there was no any player to resist the ball. The goal was empty and Enyeama, the goalkeeper went some inches ahead to fight for the ball. In other teams it is very common to find one or two defenders standing near the goal posts when the corner kicks are taken.


The Nigerian national team dominated the ball but failed to make correct decisions at the right time. Some times the defenders were passing to each other on the danger area, this nearly cost the Super Eagles. Too many box passes were played by the Nigerians. Ahmed and Emenike were lonely in front, not getting the balls which could make the difference on their side. In modern football there is no time for a mere passy football without any goals. So France taught a very tough lesson to the super eagles. With the few balls they were getting, the France team used them economically and we see that they were able to get the crucial win.

Pogba's goal