Wednesday, April 17, 2013


In the world of football there is much to remember.  Oneself can write endless number of books concerning that tournament. As expected, every huge competition like this, so many events remain to be remembered.


1. The 1990 World Cup is widely regarded as one of the poorest World Cups everThis is because that competition  generated a record low goals-per-game. The 19190 FIFA world cup produced an average of just 2.21 and this is a record that is still standing to date.

2. The champions was West Germany National team.

3. 3rd place went to Italy.

Roger Milla celebrating in a spectacular fashion. 
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4. The top scorer was Salvatore Schillaci. He netted a total of 6 goals.

5. Cameroon was the 1st African team to reach the quarter finals.

6. The best player of the FIFA world cup 1990 was the Italian Salvatore Schillaci.  

Beating Argentina in the final is not a joke. This is West Germany mighty team.

7. There were a total of 16 red cards in the tournament

8. The highest number of goals in group stage came from Czechoslovakia and West Germany. Czechoslovakia Beat  United Arab Emirates 5-1, while  Czechoslovakia beat United States of America 5-1

9. Three teams from Europe entered in the semi-finals. These were England, Italy and West Germany.

Mo Johnston of Scotland against Ricardo Gomez of Brazil.
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Twenty-two years have passed, but Abdulrahman Mohammed distinctly remembers that glorious day in 1989 when the UAE wrested a point from South Korea and qualified for the 1990 World Cup finals.
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Milla Beating the defender and putting the ball where it is supposed to be-in the volley.
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Diego Maradona chasing among italian players.
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One of the best ties in the universe. Maradona for Argentina facing Brazillian players
Argentina side won by 1-0. Allow me to call it the planet earth derby.
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10. The 2nd top goal scorer in 1990 world cup was Tomáš Skuhravý from Czechoslovakia.

11. There were only 4 players with a total of 4 goals. These were Roger Milla, Gary Lineker, Lothar matthaus.

12. In the final match of West Germany versus Argentina, in the 65th minute, Argentina's Pedro Monzon was sent off for a foul on Jürgen Klinsmann. This was the first player ever to be sent off in a World Cup Final.

Yeah! Once again the true indomitable lions of Cameroon.
It was a golden generation ever for Cameroon and Africa.