Thursday, July 11, 2013


Football is also played in Laos. It was not a famous s nation in soccer because of the political problems but now the situation looks good for the game to move on. The biggest international match victory for Laos was against Timor-Leste where Laos won by 6-1. As usual football is all about defeating, being defeated and equal results, in 26th October 2010. The biggest defeat for Laos was against United Arab Emirates in November, 1963. Laos suffered a 15-0 defeat in that match. In 1961, Laos played its 1st international game with South Vietnam. Laos was defeated in that match by 7-0. Laos has a very long trip to go before the can qualify for the world cup or even win the Asia championships.

Laos Team in one of Suzuki Cup competition.

In 2012 Laos played two international friendly matches, against Philippines and Thailand. The friendlies were for the purpose of preparing the teams for major national competitions which they were facing ahead. In the 1st friendly Laos defeated Philippines by 2-1. The game with Thailand saw Laos suffering a defeat of 2-1 in Bangkok.

Laos will play for the 1st time in Asia’s major competitions in 2014 after qualifying for the 2014 AFC challenge cup. The tournament will be held I Maldives. Football in Laos has been adversely affected by the political instability inside Laos. Currently the peaceful condition makes it a suitable home for the game again. To play in AFC Challenge cup will be a great success for them.

Laos became a member of FIFA in 1952. The Lao Football Federation is an organ responsible for football administration and supervision in Laos.
Laos Premier League was established in 1990. The league consists of 12 teams currently. If a team is relegated is normally obliged to play in the Laos First Division. Lao Army FC is the only team which has won most championship in the premier league since its establishment. It has won a total of 8 titles.

Yotha FC is another team which participates in the Lao Premier league. This team was established in 1997.  In 2012 it was the second in the league tables just after SHB Champasak who are the champions. Yotha FC collected a total of 26 points just one point above Ezra FC. Yotha FC has won the premier league 3 times so far, the last year they won being in 2011.

New Laos National stadium is a home ground for many teams including Ezra FC, Lao Police FC, Friends Development FC and Yotha FC. It can accommodate about 20,000 – 25,000 spectators. The other teams use either Laos National Stadium or Champasak Stadium. Laos National stadium has a capacity of 20,000 and Champasak stadium has a capacity of 11,000.

The winning of the trophy of Lao Premier League means that SHB Champasak FC has qualified for the AFC President’s Cup in the year 2014. Phenauanphatthana FC has been relegated because it was the last team in the league tables whereby it has played a total of 14 games and earned no single point.
May be in something like 10 years from today Laos will be participating in major tournaments in Asia by defeating big names like South Korea or Japan. Time will tell.