Thursday, December 18, 2014


More drama continues as usual. In the great Dar es Salaam derby, we have seen what our eyes can't believe. Do you chase out the coach of the team which is 2nd in league tables because of a defeat in a friendly match? May be this can happen in very few countries if not only Tanzania. Marcio Maximo was employed in June, 2014. For Yanga FC this time is enough for success. Yanga went down by 2-0 in this Dar es Salaam derby. It was actually a friendly match which has been used to strongly criticize the technical bench and judge that it is unworthy. 

In other places the coach can not be sacked because of a defeat in a friendly match. The team is still contending for the title, and the coach is just re-organizing the squad. More time was needed for this Brazilian tactician for better results. It could be better to judge him at the end of the season. How can you ripe success if you did not invest in a considerable length of time like 2 years or three? Drama, drama, drama in Tanzanian football.

 Yanga FC is in the 2nd position in the league tables just after Mtibwa Sugar. The fans seemed intolerant of the defeat in Saturday of 13th December. Different people have been criticizing the Brazilian players which were brought by the coach. It has been observed by the fans that the players are so normal and they don't have anything strange to bring in the team. They want a player with many qualities like Jay Jay Okocha.

Yanga(yellow) and Simba(red) fans in action

Sherman the new Yanga striker from Liberia

Elius Maguri in red as he scores for Simba.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Manchester City has managed to go through in the round of 16 after a hard work. The English Premier League champions were back in business after a wonderful goal from Sami Nasri. The game started and as the time went on AS Roma dominated the possession almost all the time of the game. The main problem of AS Roma was in the midfield. 

Their midfielders were continuously interrupted by Man City players who were very creative and disciplined in the middle of the ground. The Ivorian superstar for Roma Gervinho dribbled the ball very well for some time, but the Man City defenders were so keen to block him. AS Roma team seemed not to have an efficient plan B to penetrate the Man City defence. 

 AS Roma Killer Nasri
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Francesco Totti as expected played very well but he was not getting good services from the AS Roma midfielders. It seems money can buy a good game for Man City. Their soccer was really entertaining. They have played in the alien soil but were confident enough to get a 2-0 victory. Sami Nasri played so eagerly for Man City. After scoring the 1st goal with a tremendous strike on the AS Roma goal, the Frenchman created a good goal with his clever pass, which was netted by Zabaleta. This means that Bayern Munich and Man City are through to the round of 16. Aguero and Yaya Toure did not play but we have seen the presence of good players like David Silva, Jovetic, Navas and Edin Dzeko.