Monday, February 15, 2016


The match between Simba FC and Stand United FC was very competitive. Simba was struggling to go to the top position by any means. Before last Saturday Yanga FC was at the top with 43 points, one point ahead of Simba. On Saturday Yanga did not play any match in the league because it had an international duty in Mauritius to play against Cercle de Joachim FC. In the match against stand United FC, Simba won by 2-1. The 1st goal was scored on the 34th minute of the first half, while the second goal was netted in the 47th minute of the second half.
Simba as they celebrate in one of their matches.
Hamis Kiiza, the Ugandan international striker scored both goals. Azam FC was beaten in Tanga by Coastal Union FC by 1-0. That is to say Azam will remain with their 42 points, while Simba FC climbs to the top of the tables with 45 points. Yanga FC is the second on league tables with 43 points. The next game of Yanga FC will be against their arch-rivals Simba on next Saturday. Simba is at the top of league tables for the 1st time after about three seasons.

Friday, February 12, 2016


Ukraine Premier League Logo.

The Ukraine Premier League was officially launched in 1991 soon after the end of USSR. It started with few teams. The teams were taken from among the ones participated in the Soviet top league, Soviet first division as well as some
teams from Soviet second division.

Dynamo Kyiv is the club which has won most titles since 1992. The club has a total of 14 titles. The current title winners is Dynamo Kyiv.

The Ukrainian Premier League has a total of 14 teams. The most famous derby in Ukraine is the one which involve Dynamo Kyiv and Shaktar Donetsk. The derby became even more fierce in the decade of 2001 - 2010.

Something good with the Ukrainian Premier Lague is their rule of having three team categories. Each team must have their senior team, Under 21 team as well as Under 19 team. This is something of greater importance for the development
 of the clubs as well as their national teams. There is a good trend of creating young mostly homegrown players for future. Also each club must have its own stadium as well as a well maintained training center. Then it is a requirement for any premier league team to participate at least in 4 youth
competitions of age 14-17. What a prestigious plan?

                                      Metallist vs Dynamo Kiyv                                       

Shakhtar Donetsk is the 2nd team with many premier league titles. It has 9 titles.

After 1991 the 1st team to win the premier league title was Tavriya Simferopol. In the next season after Tavriya Simferopol won the title, the championship has been
dominated by the two teams only. No Zoria, no Metallist, not even Dnipro. There must be a challenge for this style. Try to imagine that Dynamo Kyiv has been a champion 9 times consecutively since 1992-1993 season before shaktar Donetsk won the tenth title to deny Dynamo Kyiv the La Decima title.

Olimpik vs Shaktar. Photo by:

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Congo DRC has won African Cup for local African players for the 2nd time in history. This cohesive team has added the second trophy after wining such trophy in the year 2009. But we can see the importance of having a very competitive internal league in a country. The teams like TP Mazembe, AS Vita, DC Motema Pembe are the strong foundation of this team. It was a wonderful game against Mali at the Amahoro Stadium in Rwanda. In 2009 Congo DRC played against Ghana in the final and Ghana was defeated by 2-0.

The Congolese tactician Florent Ibenge has become a true hero as
his technics left the Mali national team helpless after a 3-0 defeat. This double win of CHAN trophy has become like the AFCON trophies of the once called Zaire. Zaire won AFCON in 1968 and in 1974.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Simba played in Shinyanga in a very tough game since the host team Kagera Sugar was playing confidently to secure a win. It was the youngster Ibrahim Ajibu who netted in the winner in the 45+ th minute. Ugandan international striker Hamis Kiiza hit a cross which was well finished by Ajibu. In the 1st half the match ended 1-0. In the 82nd minute, Ibrahimu Ajibu missed the penalty shot. At the end of 90 minutes the result was 1-0.
Simba players celebrating.
Photo by:
It was another entertaining match on both teams although the match was mostly one sided in terms of techical play and goals scored. Yanga got their first 2 goals in the first half. After missing so many chances Simon Msuva scored the opener in the 12th minute of the 1st half. Few minutes before half time, Issofou Boubacar scored the 2nd goal. The other two goals came in the 2nd half.
Azam FC had another match played at their home ground of Chamazi Complex. The visiting team was Mwadui FC under the coach jamuhuri Kihwelu (Julio). The match was not that much easy and it took only 18 minutes before Azam scored their only goal. The goal scorer for Azam was the Ivorian International striker Kipre Tchetche.
Azam Players Celebrating
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Monday, February 8, 2016


It might happen just like other events on this world. Not so many people would predict Spain to win the World Cup in 2010. No one expected that The ancient Greece would come to an end. No body was predict a defeat of 7-1 when Germany outweighed Brazil in 2014. I hope very very few people predicted about Leicester City to be in top four. Do you believe that Man City was defeated at home 3-1 by Leicester City?

Last Saturday Leicester City FC showed us that money is not everything. You don't compromise team-work for expensive squad. The players of Leicester City are very cheap compared to Man City's squad. The team spirit of Leicester City is a complete learning package for most teams in the UK Premier League. Ettihad is not an easy place for most visitors. The courage  showed by Leicester City was marvelous indeed.

See all the goals here.

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Simon Msuva. Photo by:

For about two seasons we have seen the top scorer who is not a native player. In 2012/2013 we had Kipre Tchetche from Ivory Coast as the top scorer. In 2013/2014 season we had another player called Amiss Tambwe from Burundi who scored a total of 19 goals in that season. In the current finished season we have a native player Simon Msuva as a top scorer. He has helped Yanga FC to win the trophy this season. 

This might be a revolution in Tanzanian football because we have a permanent problem of creative strikers who knows how to make things happen near or far from the goal. We have many native strikers who don't have desired skills in front of the goal.

Simon Msuva have assisted many goals for his team this season and he worked very hard in the right wing. He knows how to position himself in the penalty box and he can see where is another temmate so he can give a killer pass to him. His creativity made him go for trials in South Africa with one of PSL club Bidvest University FC.

We can expect many good goals in the next season from Him.

Msuva in between Ngassa on left and Niyonzima on the right hand side.
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Thursday, April 23, 2015


It was another time to play with PSG after a week in France. This time PSG enjoyed the presence of Zlatan and Verratti who missed the 1st leg in France. The game started with a lot of pressure from PSG to try to reach Barca's final 3rd, but Barcelona continued to deny them even a chance to make any shot on target for the whole period of 1st half. Imagine a possession of 45% against 55% of Barcelona, and this means that Barca still dominated a game more than PSG. 

At half time Barca had 4 shots on target while PSG did'nt have any. Neymar's goals in the 1st half marked a clean sheet of Barcelona and PSG was pushed out of UCL this season. The presence of Zlatan Ibrahimovic did not rescue PSG. PSG will have to try the next time if at all they want to win the UCL trophy. 

But will Barcelona reach the final?