Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Xavi is called the architect. I think the world have seen one of very intelligent midfielders of which Xavi is among them. Xavi can play with the ball individually, and you can relax completely from your busy schedules if you sit besides your TV watching this man.

When it comes to passing Xavi is a danger. Meet with a Lion in Serengeti but not Xavi in his form. When he plays with Iniesta then you should expect a Tsunami of wonderful passes, scoring  opportunities and entertainment. It is just like he has eyes on his legs. Wow, he is talented. Glory be to the Almighty for creating such a wonderful man.

Xavi as he controls the ball in air.

 During Frank Rijkaard's era at Barcelona, Xavi played with other skilled players like Mark Van Bommel and Ronaldinho Gaucho. When Ronaldinho left the club, Xavi and Iniesta dominated the midfield role of Barcelona. Xavi links very well with Iniesta in creating scoring opportunities for the team. FC Barcelona have another youngster Thiago Alcantara. Thiago would be a substitute for Xavi when he retires.