Friday, January 4, 2013


Italian serie B logo

What could be known as premier league in England in Italy it is known as serie A. Serie A is one of the toughest leagues in the world. It is not an easy task for the team to win the Escudetto every year. You have to face a lot of challenges for even to remain in the best 10 position in the competition or else the team might seriously be subject to relegation.
For the lower teams in Italy to qualify to play in serie A they must fight hard in serie B. Serie B was established in 1929. The league currently consists of 22 teams.


In the complete season each team in Serie B plys 42 games. These 42 games are divided into 2 groups, 1st 21 games or andata and second 21 games to wind up the season called ritorno. During the andata each team in Serie B, plays once against each opponent. During the ritorno again each team plays for the second time for all ita opponents. This is a very unique style from this league.

Serie B matches are usually played on Saturday. After one year where all games were played on Saturday, the league is again scheduling one game that is played on Friday called anticipo (the advanced game) and one game that is played on Monday called posticipo (the post-dated game). The league also plays on several Tuesdays to fit in all 42 games. The league also plays on Sunday if Serie A is off.

When the serie B season ends, the best 3 teams are promoted to serie A and the best 4 losers are relegated to the lower league called Lega Pro Prima Divisione. It is not a relaxing time for any team in sere B when it wants to go into serie A. Hard work, determination and a lot of strategies are invested for each team for better results at the end of the season. Under normal circumstances the top two teams are automatically promoted.  When it appears that the 3rd-placed team is 10 or more points ahead of the 4th-placed team, it will also be automatically promoted, otherwise the 3rd through 6th-placed teams enter a playoff tournament to find out the other team that will be promoted as well. To avoid all this tedious work the team has to fight to be in the top two teams.

Genoa is the leading team for winning serie B cups. Genoa has 6 trophies in total since the league was established. Atalanta FC has won Serie B trophy 5 times, and it is the second after Genoa.

In 30thdecember 2012 10 matches were played. Out of ten matches played there were 7 wins and 3 draws. The current top team is called Sassuolo, and it scored 5-0 when it played against Cesena