Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Wenger, what is that? Don't blame the players. Blame yourself.

Arsenal is among the few teams in UK premier league which play beautiful football. You can see good passes, nice moves, individual skills of some players as well as good goals. Arsenal fans are eagerly waiting for the trophy. Wenger is not doing any iniative to make sure that this is happening. This is so discouraging. Selling good players several times.

Arsenal fans are still waiting for a moment like this.
Wenger where is this? You have the answer.

Wenger you even sold this player. What are you thinking?

This man left before his time at Arsenal.

Only Wenger knows exactly as to why this player was released.

People like Wenger can simply sell this young talented midfielder.
If you sell such a player, who do you buy to replace?

These are the present players at Arsenal.
Can these players do anything in front of Bayern Munich
in the second leg? Only Wenger knows.

In my view, The current Arsenal was supposed to have Nasri, Fabregas, Song, Eboue and even Thierry Henry. A good Coach can't do a mistke of selling them at the cost of loosing any trophies for about 8 years now. Wenger give happiness to Arsenal fans.