Tuesday, January 27, 2015


In their 1st match against Senegal, in January 19th 2015, Ghana seemed to play well only in the first half. In the second half Senegal looked more determine than Ghana. There was a mentality of remaining behind to wait for the Senegalese to come and attack them. This provided Senegal with Many options to penetrate the Ghanaian defence. The kind of football played by Ghana in the 2nd half was counter attack minded. It was a quiet different Ghana as compared to the other previous years squads.

Ghana-Senegal in action. Photo: www.fourfourtwo.com

Ghana normally play a possession football which is attack minded. Remaining behind to defend the 1-0 victory cost Ghana a lot. After many attacks Senegal equalized. Ghana was tempted to come in front to try to top up the score, but Senegal was very intact and played cautiously in their defence. At last the substitute player Sow, gave Senegal a winner in the last minutes. Surely Ghana will have to improve their footballing style to win the AFCON 2015.