Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Tonight Bayern Munich will have to play a very hard game against FC Porto. FC Porto is not among the favourite teams to take UCL trophy but it is a very well organized team. They normally spend less on players and they shape them well to sell them to big teams after some years. The youth system at FC Porto is one of the best in Europe. Imagine the players like Quaresma and Martinez, without forgetting Yacine Brahimi all of them at their best level. 

The absence of Ribery and Robben marks a very difficult time at Bayern in general. thiago Alcantara is back after a very long time in injuries but he is not yet back to his highest performance. Thanks to the away goal which was scored by Alcantara, only to find that there is a huge mountain to level and qualify. Pep will have to solve this challenging homework this night if Bayern has to qualify.

FC Porto squad: Photo by: uk.eurosport.yahoo.com

FC Bayern Squad which played Porto. Photo By www.sportskeeda.com

Jackson Martinez rounds Neur to score

Quaresmaaaaaaa.....Goaaaaaaal. Photo by www.mirror.co.uk

Quaresmaaaaaaa.....Goaaaaaaal. Photo by www.mirror.co.uk

Can Guardiola push out Porto?