Friday, February 12, 2016


Ukraine Premier League Logo.

The Ukraine Premier League was officially launched in 1991 soon after the end of USSR. It started with few teams. The teams were taken from among the ones participated in the Soviet top league, Soviet first division as well as some
teams from Soviet second division.

Dynamo Kyiv is the club which has won most titles since 1992. The club has a total of 14 titles. The current title winners is Dynamo Kyiv.

The Ukrainian Premier League has a total of 14 teams. The most famous derby in Ukraine is the one which involve Dynamo Kyiv and Shaktar Donetsk. The derby became even more fierce in the decade of 2001 - 2010.

Something good with the Ukrainian Premier Lague is their rule of having three team categories. Each team must have their senior team, Under 21 team as well as Under 19 team. This is something of greater importance for the development
 of the clubs as well as their national teams. There is a good trend of creating young mostly homegrown players for future. Also each club must have its own stadium as well as a well maintained training center. Then it is a requirement for any premier league team to participate at least in 4 youth
competitions of age 14-17. What a prestigious plan?

                                      Metallist vs Dynamo Kiyv                                       

Shakhtar Donetsk is the 2nd team with many premier league titles. It has 9 titles.

After 1991 the 1st team to win the premier league title was Tavriya Simferopol. In the next season after Tavriya Simferopol won the title, the championship has been
dominated by the two teams only. No Zoria, no Metallist, not even Dnipro. There must be a challenge for this style. Try to imagine that Dynamo Kyiv has been a champion 9 times consecutively since 1992-1993 season before shaktar Donetsk won the tenth title to deny Dynamo Kyiv the La Decima title.

Olimpik vs Shaktar. Photo by: