Monday, February 8, 2016


It might happen just like other events on this world. Not so many people would predict Spain to win the World Cup in 2010. No one expected that The ancient Greece would come to an end. No body was predict a defeat of 7-1 when Germany outweighed Brazil in 2014. I hope very very few people predicted about Leicester City to be in top four. Do you believe that Man City was defeated at home 3-1 by Leicester City?

Last Saturday Leicester City FC showed us that money is not everything. You don't compromise team-work for expensive squad. The players of Leicester City are very cheap compared to Man City's squad. The team spirit of Leicester City is a complete learning package for most teams in the UK Premier League. Ettihad is not an easy place for most visitors. The courage  showed by Leicester City was marvelous indeed.

See all the goals here.