Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Zanetti's Goal

Javier Zanetti, an Argentinian International player at inter Milan, is one of the long serving player at FC Inter. You can see the wonderful job he is doing in the pitch. It is not surprising that this man scored a second wonderful goal when FC Inter played against Seongnan, in December 16, 2010.

 This goal came from a wonderful passing pattern played by Inter Milan  Some few passes were played from the left, and then after some seconds, the ball was again shifted to the right side. The opponents looked like they went away for a rest because the ball was moving among FC Inter players for so long thus giving them the possibility to play their pattern without much trouble from Seongnan team players. 

A wonderful killer pass given to Zanetti on the right hand side, was the telling ball with a scoring power. Zanetti decided quickly to score and it was a nice volley. The age is not an obstacle for the determined Zanetti. You can see him playing hard just like some 20 or 22 years old players. His efforts, skills and motivated spirit makes him a wonderful captain, and no wonder under his leadership, all the players are united and come out with desirable results.