Thursday, May 23, 2013


Player kit-Photo by:

The kits look good. I like to see England win the world cup in Brazil next year.
They have every reason to qualify and go for the trophy.
They had a foreign coach before Hodgson, but now they have a native manager.

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The powerhouse of Gerrald, Lampard, Wilshere, Ashley cole,
Welbeck and other young blood players is an eviddence that England can do anything.

This  act should give the England players a positive e motivation to win. Players in England have been raised from many good football academies. They have dreamt about football since their childhood. Imagine the generation of people like Joe Cole, Frank Lampard, John Terry when they were being nurtured at West ham football academy. It is like they don’t have anything to blame.  The last friend match against Brazil, England showed that they can do something in this world of football.

Player and Goal keeper.

I think England should revive the fighting spirit which they had during their friendly match against Germany in 2001 where highly motivated England thrashed the Germans by 5-1. In the FIFA World cup 1998 in France the team England played a very fascinating match against Argentina. Where is that fighting spirit which enabled England to play against mighty Argentina with Omar Batistuta, Zanetti, Veron, Ortega, Diego Simeon and others? Is it true that the players don’t fight hard enough to bring glory for their nation?

The generation of Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Ashley Young, Micah Richards, Danny Welbeck, Daniel Sturridge and many more is to me like the golden generation for England. We should expect one major trophy from these players.    

The other problem with the English National team is the fact that
it is mostly made up of domestic players. A mix of domestic and those who play in other leagues could be helpful because  in such a way,
we can get a mixture of different skills from different leagues.
Joe Cole played in France, Joaey Borton still in France.
Jermain Pennant in Spain. Owen and Beckam played at Real Madrid.

The FA should think of exporting youngsters to other countries as a
long term investment to get the desired results. It can be in the form of policy in short and long term plan. Other nations are excelling because they haave their players in diferent parts of the world , for example, Brazil.