Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Real Madrid has succeeded to sign Gareth Bale. It seems that Ozil has quited Madrid to get rid of fierce competition in the midfield which could be there in the presence of Gareth Bale.

The important question comes: Does Bale fit in Anceloti’s formation? This team has a lot of wonderful players almost in every position. Is Bale really so good to make someone stay at the bench? Did Real Madrid need that kind of player? Is it not for business purposes that Bale is joining Madrid?

Ozil has gone. He is the only player in all over Europe to create many chances for scoring goals. How is it easy for the team like Real Madrid to just let a player like Ozil go? But I am not surprised. It did like that to Claude Makelele and they suffered without him for many years.

Ozil has been given No 11. What a welcome at Arsenal!
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Ozil on training soon after joining Arsenal.

Ozil with his teammate Per Metersacker in one of the practice sessions at Arsenal.
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Ozil as he was challenged by Ki Sung-Yeung of Sunderland

Ozil for Arsenal in a tight challenge with David Vaughen of Sunderland.

Wenger seems to congratulate the good work by Ozil on the pitch.
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On the other hand I expect a player like Ozil who play in a jihad way on the pitch to bring success at Arsenal. Imagine the supply of balls to Podolski and Walcott, without forgetting Giroud.

The strikers at Arsenal should do what the fans expect. If Ozil is in the midfield and then you don't score, then you should consider yourself as a waste to Arsenal in general.

I still remember the Arsenal of Henry, Pires, Grimandi, Kanu, Bergkamp, Seaman, Viera, Ljumberg, Adams and Wiltord and other players. That Arsenal could even win the champions league. It is the most entertaining team ever at The Emirates. May be Wenger is trying to revive the Arsenal I loved to watch in those days.

Ozil vs Adriano in el-classico. The tie took place in April 2011

Ozil and Puyol in a fight for the ball during el-classico in November 2010.

Ozil in one of the champions league match against Borussia Dortmund last season
when he played for Real Madrid.  [Photo by:]

Ozil is expected to be seen today in a champions’ league match against Olympique Marseille. It will be his 1st match for Arsenal in Champions league.

Ozil has already played for Arsenal in the EPL match against Sunderland, in a match which Arsenal won 3-1. He is expected to make important assists for the Arsenal attackers this season.

Ozil has declared that he may not regret for his switch to Arsenal. He had a dream of playing in the premier league. Wenger’s phone call made it happen, and Ozil was ready. He is now joining his team mate in the Germany National team, Podolski. This may be another advantage since they know each other so well.

In a match with Sunderland, it took only 10 minutes before the German created a crucial assist to Giroud who netted in the ball.