Thursday, September 26, 2013


There are few players in this world who can show such a wonderful goal scoring ability like the way Chicharito does. For sure this man could be getting more games in the first 11 line up of Man U. He knows where to position himself for the goal.

Chicharito's goal

His goal was the decider for his team. Moyes has a wonderful boy to help in crucial times. The goal he has scored has enabled Manchester United to go ahead in the Capital ne Cup. This Mexican striker should get more time to play and Man U will never regret for the fruits he will give for the team. For the team like Man U, it is so interesting to see that even in the absence of Van Persie, the team can still play well in the forward line. Rooney, Welbeck nad Chicharito did a wonderful Job. For the Side of Liverpool, they were so unlucky. De Gea rescued a lot of dangerous strikes from the opponents. Steven Gerrald was as if he is not in the game. Sturridge did not perform so well as expected. Liverpool has already lost one cup so far.