Saturday, December 28, 2013


Juma Kaseja has been serving Simba Sports club for more than 10 years. At the end of the last season the Simba FC administration decided to not give him any new contract. Kaseja is remembered in Simba history especially in the year 2003 when Simba eliminated Zamalek FC of Egypt on penalties. Kaseja was the hero as he managed to save the penalty shots. When Simba came back in Dar es Salaam it was received with glory and cheers from a lot of fans. As Taifa Stars was not performing well internationally, the act of Simba to eliminate Zamalek was taken as a national victory. With all that success Kaseja played his crucial role as a goal keeper.

Kaseja posing for a malaria campaign.

Kaseja when he was still under Simba Sports Club.

This has to be an air kaseja action. He goes on air to catch the ball.
He is also called Tanzania One because of his unique skills on goal.

The 1st round of Vodacom Pemier League has finished. Juma Kaseja was just doing his own exercises under his own program to keep himself in form. Owing to the fact that he did not get the team to play during the 1st round, the national team coach Mr. Kim Poulsen did not include him in the Challenge Cup squad. At Last Yanga decided to sign him and offer him a contract. He is expected to serve Yanga in the second round of Vodacom Premier league which will start next year. Simba management decided to leave Kaseja because of the allegations that he has been performing poorly purposely to let down the team. let us wait and see his new beginning in his new team.