Tuesday, November 19, 2013


On 15th November 2013 England played Chile in one of the preparations for both sides on the coming world cup in Brazil. There was some how a sort of entertaining football. But Chile seemed to be more compact and prepared than England. The 3 Lions as it is known were so busy hunting for the ball. They stayed with  the ball for sometime but several times the ball was being stolen by Chilean players.

 These teams from South America are so tricky. They are normally playing possession football. They always think of staying with the ball for so long than their opponents. One of the few players who impressed me was Wayne Rooney. Rooney kept himself calm, knowing the fact that the game was not so easy. As expected he kept on attacking and trying to score, only that he was so unlucky. The Chilean midfield players were playing a bit of very short passes which were so hard to tackle for the English players. If Chile will maintain their standard of playing like the way they did against England, then they should be able to reach as far as possible in the next world cup in Brazil.

England vs Chile Highlights.