Sunday, April 14, 2013


It was a wonderful Sunday to Man City team and fans as the team did all its best to win their tie against Chelsea to reach the FA cup final. Aguero scored the winner after Nasri's 1st goal. It was a nice match. Hope the management of Man City do not regret to have such a players in their squad. Nasri has a lot to give for his team because of his talent and creativity.

Sami Nasri as he oberves the ball into the net after scoring a 
crucial goal against chelsea. Photo by

Only quality players konows what to do in the penalt box, so is Nasri. 
Cech is beaten and Nasri scores. Photo by

Nasri went way from arsenal so that he can be happy. 
photo by

It is a new lifestyle here at Man City. Nasri has come for more success and therefore more happiness. You ca see him as he celebrate together with Tevez.

Beat them. Give them no chance. May be this was the 
message Mancini was giving to Sami Nasri
Photo by Yahoo Sports

All the goals  Chelsea  vs Man City