Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Fluminense is a very famous Football Club based in Brazil.

The first president of Fluminense FC was Oscar Cox. This man was actually the founder of the club in 1902. It is the first club in Brazil to build and own its own stadium.

Oscar Cox The Fluminense FC founder

The first Fluminense´s uniform was created after the rules´ approval in the Extraordinary General Meeting , which took place in 17th October of 1902.

Made of a white and grey shirt (halft each color), with a shield on the left side of the chest showing the letters FFC in red; white shorts, black socks and grey cap, the uniform was replaced by the tricolor shirt (carmine, white and green), nowadays uniform number 1, in June 15th 1904. Later, the uniform number 2 was created, all white.

Fluminence Flag

The best 5 players who played many games for Fluminense are here below:

1. Castilho 696 matches

2. Pinheiro 604 matches

3. Telê 556 matches

4. Altair 549 matches

5. Escurinho 490 matches

One of the old Fluminense squads as seen from this photo.
pic by www.fluminense.com.br

After signing up 27 players and going through 5 different managers in 2009, Fluminense found itself in a very hard time as they were struggling to avoid another relegation from Série A. This is the team which has tasted the negativities of employing many coaches in a very short time period. 

Because of the worse situation at Fluminense, the then Team Coach, Cuca, made a very tough and rare decision of not utilising experienced players to avoid relegation. Cuca decided to bring youg blood in the team and saved Fluminense from the catastrophe.

Cuca’s decision came out with good fruits because the team advanced  to the final of the Copa Sudamericana.

Fluminense Players standing in solidarity in one of their tournaments

Fluminense has taken part in 36 of the 38 official Serie A championships organized in Brazil since 1971.

Best 5 Team history’s scoring leaders in the club since establishment

1. Valdo 314 goals 403 matches (1954-61)

2. Orlando Pingo de Ouro 188 goals 311 matches (1945-53)

3. Telê 165 goals 556 matches (1951-60)

4. Hércules 164 goals 176 matches (1950-61)

5. Welfare 163 goals 166 matches (1935-42)

Fluminense's trophy winners in 1984.

As expected the team has its most players from Brazil itself. There is only 9.4% of foreign players. One of the foreign players in Fluminense squad is called Monzon Fabian an Argentinean defender. 

Decco on the pitch as he play for Fluminense.

The team won Brazillian championship in 1970,1984 and 2010.

Fluminense also won the Brazilian Cup in 2007.

Fluminense has won a total of 4 out of 6 games played recently. In its last tie against Duque De Caxias the match ended on a 0-0 draw.

Fluminense players in one of their practice sessions.

The club won a total of  9 international ties/titles including the Paris tournament in the year 1976.

Fluminense became the Brazilian champion in 1984. This time, they won the state Championship in three consecutive years of 1983, 1984 and 1985 with much cotribution from such players as Romerito, Ricardo Gomes, Deley, and the "Casal Vinte": Assis and Washington.