Thursday, April 25, 2013


10 great goals by Lewandowski 

Whether you like or not, R. Lewandowski is a wonderful striker. If it could be possible for people like him to be taken to school, I could propose this striker to take a special Pure Mathematics course. He scores his goals like a genius in the classroom environment. Real Mdrid was astonished by the way Borrussia Dortmund played as a team and used this useful machinery to come out with such excellent results. The world has continued to regard the spanish giants as the super teams ever assembled on the planet. But the opposite is true when we try to consider the 2 German sides after demolishing the 2 expensive squads from spain with  massive punishments. 

No one could believe that such miracles could happen. Bundesliga is superb-there is no doubt. The boys from Germany are so skillful. Let us expect the final of two Germany teams, because these 2 sides from Germany they don't care as to whether they are at home or they are away. They always play their game and that is just like that. Can the Spanish sides recover from their 1st leg defeats to go to the final? Let us wait for the reality on the pitch. 

Lewandowski 4 Real Madrid 0. No discussion. No comment.
Dear Real Madrid, buy this forward. You really need him.

Dictionary authors please include this name Lewandowski in your new vocabularies. If you score such wonderful goals against the richest club in the world , what do you expect? Bravo Lewandowaski. 

Dear top world recognized universities, offer this man a degree of creativity and high scoring capability. He has done something which is rare on the planet.