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It was in the Copa del Rey final where Real lost to Atletico de Madrid. The match was not so easy for both teams, but Atletico Madrid seemed to be more determined to win the game. In that match Ronaldo was red carded just after Mourinho’s similar event. I think it was concluding the trophy-less season of Mourinho at Real.

Jose Mourinho. Photo by:

It was not easy to resist the Atletico players who disturbed all the plans of Real from the mid-field. Falcao assisted his team to become the winner in that game in a remarkable style. As the time approached the end, Madrid players were continually being frustrated. It seems Real needs a special training of overcoming frustration in order to remain positive in the game till the end regardless of the results.


Soon after Mancini’s termination at Man City, the press in Europe are talking of the new manager at Man City. The management seems to choose Malaga’s coach Pellegrini. This coach is very skilful. I remember him when he coached Villareal with the squad which involved Juan Requelme and Marcos Senna among others. At that season Manuel lead Villareal in the champions league competition with a remarkable progress.

Manuel Pellegrini. Photo by:

This is a manager who led Malaga to the quarter finals of UEFA champions league. Malaga was eliminated by Dortmund only in the last few minutes 2 goals. The Malaga players did not believe what happened, but that is what football can produce at times. Malaga FC was not wrong to employ this team Manager, he knows what to do and at the right time. If he will be given the required support, Man City will prosper.


This English winger and midfielder will be remembered in the world of football because of his unique skills. Manchester united was the 1st team for him to play, since he was young. Becks was famous for his crosses at Man United. He was able to produce victories because of his skills in converting dead balls into a profit for his team. Several times he produced goals from free kicks.

David Beckham retired at PSG. Photo by:

After his career at Old Trafford Becks went in Spain to play for Real Madrid. I remember one of the matches which was Madrid vs Barca at Santiago Bernabeu, Beckham and Owen both played on that match. Beckham gave a long pass to Owen and Owen scored a very nice goal. The match ended 4-2.


This is one of the wonderful season for Chelsea, because in the beginning of the season, the Di matteo side was determined to defend their champions league trophy. The opposite was true and Chelsea was so unlucky that it was eliminated from the champions league and thrown to the UEFA europa league.

Rafa Benitez as he lifts the UEFA Cup.
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 Most big teams like Chelsea once they go to play in europa league find themselves in danger of being eliminated by the teams with no big names. This is what most people expected. But Chelsea was so lucky to have Rafa Benitez, who inspired them to play together and defend the club as a team.

Chelsea celebrating the UEFA Cup in May 2013
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The fruits of good team work strategy at last made Chelsea find themselves in the final. Branislav Ivanovic converted a 92nd corner kick into a volley, to win the 2nd major trophy in 2 consecutive seasons.


It is so dangerous to play with Bayern Munich than to play against FC Barcelona. The team has a wonderful winning record in the Bundesliga as well as in the champions league. It was one of unique finals at Wembley stadium. In the 1st half seemed as if Dortmund was able to withstand the pressure from their home rivals and they forced an equalizer when they got a penalty spot. In the 2nd half FC Bayern came out with new strategies to demolish Dortmund. They made more dangerous attacks and at last Robben was able to demolish Dortmund with his perfect finish.

Robben among Dortmund defenders. 

 It was not easy for Bayern Munich to enter in three UEFA champion league finals and then go home empty without the crown. Bayern had every reason to win this trophy. The team is fully packed from the back line to the mid field to the striking force.

Lewandowski among Bayern defenders.

Some new players will be coming to the squad, try to imagine the architecture of this team. Pep Guardiola is also coming, what a mighty team! Even in the next season Bayern will continue to be so dangerous their opponents whether in domestic league or in the Champions league. Before the next season starts Bayern will play against Chelsea to compete for the Super cup. I want to stand on Bayern’s side. I hope they will win the super cup.


This was a big story in May 2013. He has been training at Man U for 26 years and some months. He has been so conservative for the sake of the team. I remember when it was so hard for everyone who knew the importance of having a player like David Beckham in the team for a long time. Fergie decided to sell him. He did it for the team.

Sir alex has retired with a premier league trophy.
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As he was finishing his career at United ferguson has been famous for snatching not well known players and making them stars. He is not a man of big names in soccer. He knows whom he wants for the team. For Sir Alex a Team is a priority, as opposed to individual skills, fame and extracurricular issues. He ended with a 5-5 draw against Westbromwich Albion. We will remember Ferguson.