Friday, August 9, 2013


Gomel football club is a football soccer team based in Belarus. The club has a very long history which starts from the pre-soviet era to the soviet era to the post-soviet era. There has been a change in the name of the team in all that time and the current name is FC Gomel. The club was found in 1959 and it uses the Central Stadium.
 The Central stadium has a capacity of 14,037. It participates in the Belarusian Premier league. The home colours for FC Gomel is white for both a t-shirt and the short. Green is used as an away colour by FC Gomel.

Liverpool vs FC Gomel in Europa League in 2012

In 1959 the team was called Lokomotiv Gomel and in 1978 it was Gomselmash Gomel. The changing of team name appeared about 5times before gaining the current name which it is using currently. This is a very wonderful history but it is  normal to different teams all over the world. The difference is the number of times that the team name is changed. For example Simba sports club of Tanzania  was known as Sunderland before later being changed to be Simba. The change appeared only once.

Artur Liatvinski of Gomel agaist Steven Gerrard of Liverpool(2012)

Fc Gomel has been under 19 different managers from 1990. That might be the reason as to why the team can not advance further and gain more development in and outside Europe. From 2005 the team was under different 8 managers. this is an average of  1 manager per year. This is a huge problem to FC Gomel and Belarusian football in general.

FC Gomel has won the Belarusian Premier league once in 2003. The team has also won the Belarusian cup in 2002 and again in the year 2011. FC Gomel has won the Belarusian Super cup only once in its history and this happened in the year 2012.

Liverpool vs FC Gomel highlights in August 2012

The current squad consists of 31 players of which 3 of them are foreigners. The foreign players are from Estonia, Ukraine and Lithuania. Of these foreign players there is Andrei Sidorenkov, a 29 years old defender from Estonia. He also played in the Estonian national team from 2004 until 2011. He made a total of 21 appearances for Estonia with no single goal. In 21 appearances which he made for Fredericia  FC in 2012, he has scored a total of 2 goals. Fc Gomel is the 10th club for his in his carrier. He probably has a lot of experience from different leagues, different countries and different teams.