Friday, August 9, 2013


A club like Sparta Praha has a huge history in both the old Czechoslovakia and the current Czech Republic. Most wonderful players for Sparta Praha used to be in the National team. The trend for this pattern to continue looks to stumble somewhere because currently the national team of Czech Republic consists of many players from other major European leagues. That is to say we are now missing the real taste of Czech Republic soccer style. The home talents have no other option than to dream on playing outside their country.

Sparta Praha squad.

Jiri of Sparta Praha celebrating a goal with his teammate.

Sparta Praha was established 119 years ago. It is one of oldest teams in Europe. It is older than AC Milan and Real Madrid. In the previous season Sparta finished in the 2nd position. Sparta Has been managed by about 58 different managers from 1907 up to now. From 1985 to 2013 Man United was under Sir Alex Ferguson only. In the same length of time Sparta Praha has been under a total of 29 coaches. Is this trend favourite for football development?
Chelsea vs Sparta Praha early in 2013
In more than 10 years back from now, the only coach to stay with the team for a long time is Jozef Chovanec who managed the team from 2008 until 2011). Sparta Praha has been the venue which makes good players who normally go outside the Czech Republic to play. Such players are such as Jan Koler, Ptrick Berger and Peter Cech .