Friday, August 9, 2013


La Masia was established in 1979 after being proposed by Johann Cruyiff the former Barcelona player. Cruyiff was inspired by the home academy in the Netherlands where he himself grew into a wonderful footballer.

Some wonderful Skills from La Masia

Cruyiff was reared by the Ajax Amsterdam FC youth Academy. In his proposal, Cruyiff was trying to inject the techniques and basics of youth football to Barcelona. This has marked for the recent success for FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team in particular. The La Masia class of 1987 was so wonderful. That class consisted of Fabregas, Pedro, Pique and Messi has come to realize the dream of Johann Cruyiff for establishing the academy.

Some goals from the La Masia kids

Each year the boys from the age of 6 to 8 try to get in the acdemy, and normally it is only about 200 boys who will be selected to enter. From the age of 7 until the age of 18 La Masia has a total of 16 teams at different ages. Imagine the strength of a midfield player like Sergio Busquets, and we come to realize how important is La Masia in grooming the young talents for spain and for Barca as well. La Masia is a reality. La Masia is not a day dream. La masia is a power house for Spain and Barcelona.

Mikel Arteta is one of the strong midfield players for Arsenal AND HE Graduated from La Masia in the class of 1982.