Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Azam has been sent off from CAF competition at the club level after losing the 2nd leg game against Ferroviaro de Beira FC in Mozambique. The game was played on Sunday 16th February. The match ended on a 2-0 defeat. The main cause of the defeat as claimed by the players was the rainy weather. It was raining on the match day and the pitch was full of water and mud. Azam players are used to play on a smart pitch like the one at chamazi complex in Dar es Salaam. The 1st goal was scored in the 1st half while the second was netted in the 2nd half.

In the 1st leg match, Azam won by 1-0. The goal was netted in by the Ivorian striker Kipre Tchetche in the 41st minute of the 1st half. Brian Umony from Uganda made a killer pass for Kipre and he kicked the ball in a spectacular fashion to keep Azam FC ahead in the 1st half. The second half did not give any more scoring possibility for Azam. Ferroviaro tried to play good and skilful passes but Azam defenders were firm enough to withstand all the pressure on their goal. The pictures below are all testifying the 1st leg action.

Ferroviaro preparing to take the free-kick in the 1st half.

One of Ferroviaro player under first aid.

Azam fans cheering and dancing for their team.