Monday, February 3, 2014


Football fans in Dar es Salaam were eagerly waiting for the huge tie between Yanga and Mbeya City FC. The match was ultimately played on February 2nd 2014. It was a sunny Sunday. Yanga played with great caution in the first 25 minutes and they got a goal in the 15th minuted. Mrisho Ngasa scored the decider. In the second half one of the key player for Mbeya City was given a red card after catching the ball with hands to resist a free kick from one of Yanga players. The Yanga FC fans came in multitudes to witness their team. This match marked an end for Mbeya City record of being undefeated since last year when the league started.

In the second half Yanga seemed to relax after one player of Mbeya City went out. Mbeya City players kept attacking Yanga upfront there despite the fact that they were fewer than their opponents. Mbeya City for sure is a well prepared team. In the 1st half they created not less than 4 chances but they were unable to convert even a single chance into a goal.

I have decided to show you the photos below before the match during and after the match.

Mbeya City players entering on the pitch for warm up.

Mbeya City as they continued with warm up.

Mbeya City warm up, running, stretching.........

They gather to hear the fitness coach.

Warm up on after getting instructions from the fitness coach.

The pitch before the match started