Monday, February 17, 2014


It was one of the challenging matches played in this second season of Vodacom Premier League so far. Simba was playing Mbeya City on an away match which was so fascinating. You can't imagine a team which is participating in the premier league for the 1st time with almost 85% of the players playing for the 1st time in the league, playing with such enthusiasm and determination. 

One of Mbeya City fan imitating to shoot the Lion.
Simba means Lion. Photo by

Mbeya City as they pray before the match.
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Mbeya City FC as they warm up before the match.
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Simba FC players as they listen to their Coach Logarusic from Serbia.
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The Sokoine Memorial Stadium was flooded with local spectators of Mbeya City FC. There were about 100 Simba fans only. The midfielders of both teams were fighting so hard to contain the game for their sides. Ramadhani S ingano who is in form this season played very well almost all the time before being replaced in the 2nd half. The game was eagerly awaited by many soccer fans in all over Tanzania. It was a rare opportunity for Mbeya City to stay at the top of the league tables. Unfortunately Simba denied the chance. The 1st goal was netted by Deogratius Julius via a penalty shot in around 14th minute of the 1st half.

 Simba tried to contain the game with some accurate passes made by William Lucian, Henry Joseph, Ramadhani Singano, Amri Kiemba and Haruna Chanongo but Mbeya City players were watchful for every ball which came on their sight. Lack of communication between Mbeya City players especially in the 2nd half denied them an opportunity to double their win. Donald Musoti and Owino made a very good defending job for Simba FC. At the end of the 90th minute the score remained 1-1 for both teams. After this game Mbeya City remain at the 3rd position with 35 points just like Yanga FC which has also 35 points. Simba FC remains at the 4th position with 32 points.