Saturday, July 13, 2013


Burkhard Pape is a big name in African Football. He was born in Germany to work and live in Africa as well as Asia. As it is always the case except in special cases, Pape played football in German clubs before turning into the coaching career. He played for 3 known German clubs which are Hannover 96, FSV Neumunster and VfR Neumunster. Pape was born in 1932. He is a veteran now.

Pape has worked in Africa for some years in Tanzania, Egypt, Sierra Laone and and Uganda. He is a very big contributor to the success of African football. Pape could have gone to coach in developed countries and earn a lot of money. He is a man with a different spirit. He loves Africa. He has also worked in Asia.We have so few people like him on the whole globe. A German coach spending his entire coaching career in Africa and Asia, where political instability and poverty are the two common things.

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In Asia Pape did not even go to Taiwan, Japan, South Korea or even China. This man loves people on my opinion. In Asia, Pape went to coach Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Thailand and Tuvalu. He loves Asia. Pape wanted to give all the skills and experiences he had for the lower class citizens in the poor countries. What a spirit? We need more such people.

 When he was coaching in Egypt or Sierra Leone, in Africa there were no Yaya Toure, Samuel Etoo, Didier Drogba and many others. But in one way or another he sealed a strong foundation for many African players to follow. From 1968-1972 he worked as Uganda national coach, and he managed to win 41 games out of 70. This is a remarkable record, and to a team coach it sounds well in the CV. That is to say he won 59% of all games of Uganda for that period of time when he was a team manager.

Well doneBurkhard Pape, I appreciate your work.