Thursday, July 18, 2013


The premier league of Trinidad and Tobago is called the TT Pro League. It was formally established in the year 1999. The league is normally played from August until May. Most matches in that league are normally played on Fridays and Saturdays. This is different from other leagues in the world like EPL or La Liga where some games are played on Sunday and sometimes in week days. It is very rare for the TTPro league to be played in week days.

Before 1999 the competition was known as Professional Football League. The reformation of the league from Professional Football League to TT Pro League was for the purpose of preparing quality national team players as well as to develop more football talents for the local players. Currently the number of teams which participate is 8. This few number of teams may be caused by the small population of the country itself, I guess.

There are two domestic trophies in the TT Pro League which are the FA trophy and the Digicel Charity Shield. Digicel is a company which sponsors the TT Pro League.

In the TT Pro league there is no relegation and also no promotion. At times the teams in the lower level league can apply to participate in the TT Pro League. The next level below the TT Pro League is called the National Super League. To play in the TT Pro League does not result from promotion, but an application should be made. Once the application is approved, the team can play in the TT Pro League. 

Trinidad and Tobago Squad ready for DCC cup in Jamaica.
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The level which is found below the National Super League, are the premier divisions or first division in the counties or zones. An Example is the Eastern FA Premier division with 9 clubs in total. The Tobago FA first Division have 13 clubs in total.

While the TT Pro League is a full-time professional league, The national super league is just a mix between amateur and professional playing.

The Trinidad and Tobago Football association was established in 1908. Its headquarters is located in Port of Spain in Trinidad. The TTFA joined FIFA in 1963 and CONCACAF in 1962. The current president is Raymond Tim Kee. This organ is responsible for all amateur as well as professional football competitions in Trinidad and Tobago.

In their long time world cup dream TT tried to qualify in 1965 but was unlucky. Their dreams came up again for the 1974 world cup, but after losing their game to Haiti, TT did not succeed for the other time. In the 1990 world cup, TT needed only a draw in their last match with USA, but they only saw USA washing away their expectations after they defeated TT by a goal to nil. After waiting and struggling for so long, in 2006 it became possible for them to fly all the way to Germany.

Trinidad & Tobago VS Mexico in 2012 Olympic Qualifications Highlights.

The TTFA also supervises the youth teams of U-17, U-1, U-21 and U-23. This is probably the main cause as to why TT had a remarkable team which participated in 2006 world cup. It is also very interesting to see their women youth preparatory teams which are the U-15, U-17, U-19 and U-20. This is a very good base for the strong women team for Trinidad and Tobago.

The current champions of the TTPro league are the Defence Force FC. Defence Force FC finished at the top of league tables with a total of 46 points and winning 14 games in total. T&TEC Fc finished at the bottom with only 8 points. T&TEC Fc lost 17 games in total, won only two matches and drew only 2 matches.

The top scorer in the finished season has been Devorn Jorsling with 20 goals. Jorsling plays for Defence FC.  The second top scorer with 14 goals comes from North East Stars FC, a team which finished 4th in the league tables.

Can TT produce other stars that will put on the shoes of people like Dwight Yorke?