Friday, July 5, 2013


It is a time now for the Spanish technical bench to think about how to play differently in big competitions. The Spanish national team started very well in its campaign for the Confederations cup trophy. 

They won against Uruguay, against Nigeria and also against Tahiti. There was a very tough battle against Italy in the semi finals. The Andrea Pirlo’s side played so hard to resist the dangerous attacks from the Spaniards. Italy played defensively, touching the ball as little as possible but striking fiercely in the forward line. The penalty shoot out decided for the Spanish team to advance to the final. 

 Spain vs Uruguay highlights

The weakness of FC Barcelona in the UEFA Champions league is still like a hangover to FC Barcelona players. The majority of players in the national team come from Barcelona. Many teams have already learnt the way they play. They understand how to disturb Xavi and Iniesta. Italy succeeded in that tactic and no wonder they were safe until the penalty shoot out.

Back to the 1st leg of UEFA champion’s league against FC Bayern, Barca was astonished by the playing of FC Bayern players. Bayern disturbed the normal flow of the ball for Barca midfield. They denied any chance for Messi to play his game like in La Liga. They blocked all finishing passes from Xavi and Iniesta. Inthat way Barca just played well in their half, but not on Bayern’s half. That way many teams including Brazil have learnt to decipher those harmful tactics of the Spanish players.

Brazil team combined many tactics. They run so fast. They play long passes. They bock all killer passes from the Spanish midfield. Iniesta was blocked. Xavi was also in hard time.

It seems Spain and Barcelona don’t have plan B. Ahead of world cup they must come back and sit down to come up with the squad which will retain the world cup. The game between Finland and pain is another example where a team which is not expected pulls the giant with a draw. Imagine Spain was at home.

I think it is high time that the technical bench of Spain to go back and rebuild the team along Alcantara, Alvaro Morata and Isco. There should be a mix of young talents and some aged players. The trend of using many FC Barcelona players should be discouraged because every team is learning how to decipher their plans. There should be a mix of players from Mallorca, Malaga, Deportivo, Betis and Atletico Madrid. Let them build their team along the Spanish under 20 and Under 21.