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Valdano has played for the Argentina National Team from 1975 until 1990. In 1975 Valdano appeared twice and scored 2 goals. In his total career for Argentina he has made a total of 23 appearances and scored a total of 7 goals. Valdano won the UEFA Cup twice with real Madrid in the seasons of 1984-1985 as well as the season 1985-1986.

Spanish football is very much like south American football. That might be a reason as to why many South Americans from Brazil, Argentina and other neighbouring countries come to play in Spain. Now we can see this simple fact in the way Valdano left Argentina in 1975 for Spain. The flowing of the ball and the individual skills shown in the Spanish competitions are the main reasons for the South Americans to love playing in Spain.

Valdano when he played for Argentina
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Before coming to Real Madrid Valdano played for Real Zaragoza from 1975 till 1984. At Real Zaragoza he had a very nice season where he made 126 appearances and scoring a total of 54 goals. The most successful season at Real Zaragoza was the 1982-1983 season where he made 38 appearances and netted 20 goals. 

It is so hard to perform equally for all seasons. That is why football is a wonderful game. In three seasons he has played for Real Madrid, the 1985-1986 was to me the most successful in his entire football career. In 1985-1986 despite winning the UEFA Cup for the second time, he scored a total of 24 goals. 24 goals is a record in all the teams where he played, be it in Argentina or in Spain.

See the wonderful 2nd goal from Valdano in the Final match 
of Argentina vs West Germany

While we still see Brazilian and Argentinean players in La Liga, the trend has now started to shift on the fact that more Brazilians and Argentineans are now coming to play in the English premier league. But do the EPL a best fit for the South American footballers? Is it so easy for them to adapt?