Thursday, June 20, 2013


FK Ravan Kits

FK Ravan plays in the Azebaijan Premier league. In this season the team finished in the 2nd position just below AZAL PFC.

The team uses the ground called Bayil Arena with a capacity of 6000 spectators. FK Ravan is in the city of Baku.

In the finished season of Azerbaijan Premier League, FK Ravan has won 4 matches at home and lost one. It lost its home match against the champions AZAL PFC.

In the Azerbaijan premier FK Ravan lost 3 games and won only two, to finish in the second position below the champions.

Juan Manuel Varea FK Ravan Striker. 

FK Ravan won 2 matches out of six matches in the Azerbaijan Cup. It won a match against FK Samkir by 3-1 on 26th October 2012. It also won a match against ANSAD Neftcala by 2 – 1.

When the team is relegated in the Azerbaijan Premier League normally goes down to play in the First Division.

The best two teams in first division are normally promoted to Azerbaijan Premier League. The direct promotion goes to the team with many points, which means it must be at the top. The second team in the tables should qualify to play in the premier league through play off games.
The current first division in Azerbaijan consists of teams 13 teams.

In this season FK Razan participated in both the premier league and Azerbaijan Cup. FK Razan has played a total of 30 games this season in all two competitions. Out of 30 games FK Razan won only 13 games. It had only one draw, and that was a premier league match against Turan. It was a 2-2 draw. FK Razan has been defeated 16 times. In total the team rescued 14 games out of 30, about 47% performance.

The biggest win in this season was against Turan FC. FK Razan won by 6 – 2 and it was an away match.

This team has been under the supervision of 5 different managers, others from Azerbaijan and others from outer countries. The current team manager is Ramil Aliyev from Aerbaijan. FK Razan has been coached by outer conches from Bosnia Harzegovina and Turkey.

As usual, many teams employ foreign players to spice up the squad and try to play in a more competitive way. FK Razan is not behind in this. They have Milos Adamovic from Serbia, Lukasz Sapela from Poland and Juan Varea from Argentina. Juan Varea is a forward and has scored a total of 14 goals in 31 appearances for FK Razan.


Juan Varea Manuel spent 3 consecutive seasons in Bosnia Hazegovina before coming to Azebaijan. Juan played for Siroki Brijeg and had a total of 79 appearances with 26 goals. This is a very helpful player in the team. The Argentine would not expect to be called in his national team as there are so many players like him or better than him in Europe or any other place.

Juan Varea is now 27 years old.

Lukasz Sapelais a polish goalkeeper who is 30 years old.