Saturday, June 15, 2013


Jari has been a captain for his country for12 years (1996 – 2008). This proves him to be a role model for the finnish youth. He has actually remained to be an icon for the finnish football.

Jari Litmanen, when he played for Finland

From 1989 till 2010 Jari have played 137 matches. This is a record for Finland players in the national team so far.

Jari has played for the attacking midfield role. He has scored a total of 32 goals for his national side till his retirement. Before playing for senior team Jari played for Finland under 21 youth team.  He made a total of 6 appearances for the youth team.

Litmanen when he was at Ajax Amsterdam.

The last club which Jari played was HJK Helsinki. At times in his career he could play as either an attacking midfielder or a secondary striker, or sometimes as a central forward.

Jari is thought of as the Finnish best footballer ever for the last 60 years.

He was chosen to be Netherlands player of the year in 1993 after playing for Ajax so successfully under the coach Luis Van Gaal.

Litmanen when he was at Barcelona.

In the Eredivisie Jari scored a total of 26 goals in the season 1993-1994 and became the League’s top scorer. This increased Jari’s confidence and performance, as well as more trust to the team manager, Van Gaal.

Litmanen lived in Holland for 7 years. He played for Ajax Amsterdam in all those 7 years. Jari scored a total of 129 goals in Holland, for 7 years which he was there.

Litmanen after joining Liverpool in 2001

With ajax jari has played a total of 15 matches agaist PSV, the biggest archi-rival for Ajax. He won only 15 points in all those 15 appearances with his side Ajax. This is an average of 1 point for each appearance. It is somewhat a satisfactory record since it is always very tough to win every derby.

Litmanen has played in Holland, Spain and England. After leaving his home soil Jari played for Ajax Amsterdam, FC Barcelona, Fulham and Liverpool

The world and Finland will miss this icon and legend. Hope he will become a team coach for other youngsters in Finland.