Monday, June 24, 2013


There is a revolution in Tanzania as some new teams come up with new plans and strategies for success. Among these few teams is Azam FC. This club was formed in 2007 and it has been participating in the Tanzania premier League for 6 years now. 

Since its establishment Azam FC has never appeared below top three in the premier league. This team has already built its own stadium(of course still under construction). The team owners also have youth academies at different levels of age. The current team coach is Stewart Hall from UK.
In this season Azam finished in the 2nd position just below the champions Yanga. With this position it means Azam FC will be able to participate in the CAF champions league next season.

In the last season Azam FC played against Al-Nasir of South Sudan in Dar es salaam and scored 3-1. In the second leg in Southern Sudan Azam FC enjoyed another huge victory of 8-0. After 2 remarkable home and away wins against Al-Nasir, Azam continued on the next round to play with FC Barrack of Liberia. In the 1st match in Monrovia Azam FC won by 2-1. This kept Azam players so well psychologically when they played in the second match in Dar es salaam. 

 Azam FC vs FAR Rabat in Morocco

The second match ended on a 0-0 draw. In aggregate the Liberians were eliminated. The 3rd team to play with Azam FC after eliminating the Liberians was FAR Rabat of Morocco. The first match in Dar es Salaam ended on a goalless draw. In that match the Moroccans played with great care not to allow any goal for their opponents. They had many good players in the midfield, and they destroyed all the plans to build the attacks from Azam FC. In the second leg played in Morocco, Azam FC was eliminated by a 2-1 defeat. Azam will remember the penalt shot which was missed by Azam FC striker John Bocco. Azam FC was eliminated and now they have already stared preparations for next season’s premier league as well as CAF championship. 

One of the key players for Azam FC is the midfield maestro Salum Abubakary, the striker Kipre Tchetche from Ivory Coast and the right winger Khamis Mcha. Kipre Tchetche was the top scorer in the finished season of Tanzania premier league, with 16 goals.