Saturday, June 15, 2013


The situation looks to be telling as something hard to believe about the stay of Ronaldo in Spain. He really looks uncomfortable. When he went back at OT to play in the 2nd leg of champions league, he met with a situation which he could not bear as a human. The fans of Man U still cherish Ronaldo. Ronaldo for sure was at home again.

Ronaldo's goal against Barcelona

What makes Ronaldo to feel tired of La Liga is the warmth he got from Man U fans. They love him. Man U is everything for Ronaldo because it is the team which made him shine and win the FIFA best player. Even if It was me, I could regret to forsake a place where I am loved, cherished, appreciated and honoured.

At times it was reported that Ronaldo could go back at Old Trafford even at the cost of reducing his salary. This shows how deep Ronaldo has fallen in love with Man U.

He has already declared that everything about the signing of contract is false. This might be opening the doors for Man U to snatch the striker back home. I think Man U will have played a very good tactical move to have this man again. Think of Valencia, Van Persie, Rooney, Kagawa and Carrick. Man U will be more interesting to watch it in almost every game.