Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Robben: pic by:

Today we are going to watch the other two famous football giants on the globe. Argentina will be facing Holland. Thisis a second match after the 1st one which ended with a very wonderful outcomes. No one expected Germany to get a very massive win of 7-0. Almost all who witnessed that match observed a clear effect of the absence of Neymar as well as Thiago Silva.

Argentina will try to play without Angel Di Maria who was injured in the quarter final game against Belgium. Di Maria has had a very promising record of creating good passes in this world cup. It is very common for the team managers to find replacements of key players once they are not available. If the replaced player plays well no problem, but if that player will play under the expected performance, it always cost the team. Holland will play as usual, with Robben and Sneijder upfront. Argentina will be having Messi, Mascerano and Higuain. It gonna be a very fascinating match.

Messi. pic: